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Rob Kardashian Places Blame On Blac Chyna In $2 Million Cyberbully Lawsuit

By Ryan Naumann

Rob Kardashian is denying a role in publicly outing a man as gay, along with placing the blame for any alleged bad behavior on his baby mama, Blac Chyna.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Kardashian is responding to the lawsuit filed by an actor named Pilot Jones.

Jones sued Kardashian and Chyna for allegedly ruining his life by outing him publicly and releasing his phone number online.

Kardashian denies ever meeting or speaking to Jones on the phone. He admits the actor is a friend of his ex-fiancé, “with whom I have a daughter named Dream”.

He explains, “I have never been friends with or an acquaintance of Jones," and he wants out of the lawsuit.

Rob adds, “I never conspired with Ms. White or anyone else to “execute a campaign of cyberbullying against Jones”.

He argues, “I never threatened to disseminate private information about Jones to the public, including without limitation his sexual orientation, his cell phone or his email address.”

Rob denies ever leaking Jones’ cell phone number or posting any disparaging remarks about him. He claims, “I am aware that’s Jones’s allegations arise in part from Instagram posts that Ms. White published to the social media platform in or around October 2016. I had no involvement in drafting those Instagram posts whatsoever.

In his lawsuit, Pilot Jones said that when a photo of him making out with Chyna leaked, the ex couple accused him of selling the photo and then allegedly publicly exposed him as bisexual and released his private phone number to the public.

He denied leaking the photo in question, which caused a rift between Rob and Chyna at the time and says them leaking his number caused him to receive threatening message.

Jones claimed Rob and Chyna ruined his life and that he attempted suicide from all of it.

He sued seeking $2 million dollars in damages.

Chyna demanded the case be dismissed arguing Jones was already out and open about his sexuality, and denied being the one to reveal it.

Chyna wrote, “At all times during our friendship, J.C. was very open about his sexuality, that he was gay. I witnessed him kiss another man in front of other people on at least one occasion. I also saw him stick his back side in another man’s face at least one time. I recall that his social media posts at the time did not hide the fact that he was gay. Based on everything I knew about J.C., I believed that he was an openly gay man and that his sexuality was well known.”

The reality star says she has always supported gay rights and “have never discriminated against any person based on their sexuality.”

Chyna says when she took to social media to dismiss the kissing photos by pointing out Jones was bisexual, she claims she meant no harm and thought it was already known.

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She blamed Kardashian for sending any threatening messages to Jones from her phone, “my then-fiancé Rob Kardashian took my cell phone without my permission to either look through my text and phone messages or to send texts from my cell phone that I did not write. In or around October 2016, Rob used my cell phone – without my permission -- to send group texts to J.C. that threatened J.C.’s physical safety. I never sent any texts or made any communications that threatened J.C.’s physical safety.”

Chyna also wants the entire lawsuit against her thrown out.

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