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R. Kelly Uses $1.8 Million Tax Debt In New Plea For Prison Release

By Ryan Naumann

R. Kelly is pulling out all the stops to try to get himself out of prison, without much luck thus far.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Kelly’s lawyers are trying once again to try and get their client out on bond. The singer has been shot down numerous times despite his various pleas. His amended plea reveals Kelly owes $1.8 million in back taxes.

In the newly filed documents, Kelly continues to bring up the current health crisis and the dangers of being in prison. His lawyers say the situation continues to get worse at MCC Chicago. Prosecutors claim Kelly is being properly treated and not in danger.

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The Blast

In previous attempts, Kelly tried to argue that he wasn’t a flight risk or a possible danger to society. Prosecutors have fought the singer every time saying he is indeed a danger and has the resources to flee the country.

In the new motion, Kelly’s team continues to try and portray the singer as being destitute. They bring up a tax debt as a reason Kelly won’t flee.

As The Blast first reported, the IRS recently filed a federal tax lien against Kelly. The lien accuses the singer of owing $1.8 million in unpaid taxes.


The IRS says Kelly owes them 648,998.25 (2013) + $1,229,739.18 (2016) for a grand total of $1,878,737.43. The motion focuses on Kelly’s debt, not his assets, which could be greater than any debt owed. During his criminal case, prosecutors have accused Kelly of hiding hundreds of thousands in royalties.

They believe he diverted his payments to a childhood friend’s bank account. Kelly’s lawyers try to make the argument that their client has no money coming in from his music. The motion reads, “the royalties to which Government refers are likely the gross amount before monies are taken out by agents, managers, and all of the other people that have a piece of that pie. The monies the Government claims Mr. Kelly has access to are not the kind of funds that would present an opportunity to flee, let alone live a life covertly in exile.” His lawyer claims Kelly has no network of supporters ready to help him flee.

They are pleading for the singer to be released immediately.

In other news, Kelly's ex-girlfriend, Azriel Clary, is thriving.

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