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R. Kelly Prosecutors Say Singer Can Workout In Cell If Concerned About Health, Demand He Remain Behind Bars

By Ryan Naumann

The prosecutors taking on R. Kelly are getting really tired of his attempts to get out of prison and are asking the court once again to shut him down.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, the New York prosecutors taking on Kelly are asking a judge to not release him from prison.

Recently, Kelly went to court to make his third attempt to convince a judge to let him out of prison. In his motion, the alleged child sex predator says he is diabetic, suffers from high blood pressure and cholesterol. He told the court he was in danger while locked up at MCC Chicago.

In newly filed documents, prosecutors say nothing has changed since Kelly’s first attempt. They say his “recent diagnosis of prediabetes” does not warrant him being released. They call into question his lawyer's claims of high blood pressure and cholesterol writing, “the defendant has not been diagnosed with hypertension; nor has he been prescribed any medication to treat high blood pressure.”

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The Blast

They note Kelly saw a doctor while in prison on May 1. The singer had a 45-minute visit where the doctor advised him to do regular exercises, takes multivitamins, and B-12 for nerve health. During the visit, Kelly complained about not being able to eat prison food or exercise in his small room.

As The Blast previously reported, Kelly has been attempting to get out of prison on bond for the past couple of weeks.

His multiple attempts have been shut down by a federal court judge. The disgraced singer first tried to argue his health was in danger while locked up in MCC Chicago. He said the current health crisis put him at danger. He pleaded with the court to let him out on house arrest.


In his motion, Kelly promised to move in with his girlfriend, Joycelyn Savage. The singer failed to mention the apartment is located in an outdoor shopping mall, which could be a problem given the charges he is currently facing. He even promised not to flee the county or intimidate any witnesses.

Prosecutors demanded the court keep Kelly in prison claiming he is a danger to society and is still a high flight risk.

A judge sided with the prosecutors and denied his motion.

Kelly decided to give it another shot days later with a new motion. This time he tried to say he was too famous to escape the county. He said it would be impossible to flee without being noticed. Further, he claimed to be without funds to travel at all. Kelly presented a $1.8 million federal tax lien to prove his financial woes.

Prosecutors quickly fired back telling the court they don’t believe his claims of poverty. They previously accused Kelly of diverting his royalties to a childhood friend’s bank account. A judge came back shutting down his second motion. While Kelly continues to remain behind bars, his ex-girlfriend Azriel Clary continues living her best life.

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