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R. Kelly's Ex-Girlfriend Azriel Clary To Tell All About 'Shahs Of Sunset' Star Sara Jeihooni

By Ryan Naumann

R. Kelly’s ex-girlfriend Azriel Clary says she will be spilling all the tea on “Shahs of Sunset” star Sara Jeihooni’s alleged relationship with the singer.

Over the weekend, 23-year-old Azriel posted a bombshell 16-minute YouTube video spilling the tea on the disgraced singer. She met him when she was 17 years old and stayed with him for nearly 5 years. Azriel decided to leave Kelly in December and reunited with her parents.

Azriel told her followers, “So many things have happened in my past, and I’m really just ready to put it behind me, the good, the bad, the ugly.. all of it. A lot of people have fabricated my story.. and it’s time I clear my name. I am ready to move on, and I am ready to focus on my future goals, dreams, ideas, memories, future events, parties and even relationships without feeling guilty. I am not the reason as to why my ex is in jail. He is in jail because of himself and his own actions.”

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In the video, Azriel explained she was ready to answer every question about Kelly. She wanted to get it all out so she can properly move on with her life. She will be releasing videos weekly on different topics.

During the end of the video, Azriel flashed a photo of “Shahs of Sunset” star Sara Jeihooni while she spoke. In this season of the Bravo reality show, Sara claimed she had a three-year relationship with Kelly but denied seeing him do anything bad. The reality star got dragged into his criminal case after being served a subpoena asking for her testimony.


Azriel trashed Kelly in the video saying he knew he had a problem but didn’t want to get help. She said, “Truthfully, I feel like this man is in his 50’s. I am not the first person this man has done this too. This has been happening since the 90s. This has been happening since way before Aaliyah. Aaliyah was not his first victim and not the first minor he was with.I feel like someone who had millions and millions of dollars, if he really wanted to change he would have spent millions and millions of dollars on therapists.”

“But instead, he spent his money on getting more girlfriends and supporting more girlfriends. He had a personal trainer for his fitness, personal dentist, personal doctor, so It would have been nothing for this man to get a personal therapist.”

“Especially once he realized he had a problem and he did realize he had a problem. No matter how much you want to love someone or feel sorry for someone, once someone continues to do wrong and doesn’t try to better themselves, whatever situation they get themselves into is their fault.”

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