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Alleged Sex Predator R. Kelly Complains About His Prison Food Selection

The Blast
By Ryan Naumann

R. Kelly is once again complaining about his treatment from prison saying he doesn’t have enough options for food.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Kelly visited a prison doctor on May 1 while at MCC Chicago. Prior to the visit, Kelly was advised by a nurse to lower his cholesterol by eating smaller portions and cutting out carbs like chips and sweets from the commissary and to workout more.

During the doctor's appointment, Kelly was once again told to do regular room exercises, use loose weights, and take a bunch of vitamins. The doctor had to tell him again to avoid sweets and fatty foods.

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In a motion, filed by prosecutors, they say Kelly has been seen by a doctor numerous times while at MCC Chicago. They add, “the defendant has been seen by Clinical Director Brij Mohan, M.D., almost monthly (specifically, on January 21, 2020; February 10, 2020; March 31, 2020; and May 1, 2020), and by nurse practitioners on five occasions (January 17, 2020; March 19, 2020; March 26, 2020; April 7, 2020; and April 29, 2020). The defendant has also been seen multiple times by registered nurses this year as well.”

Prosecutors say his medical records show he, “is currently not on any chronic care meds” and does not suffer from any “chronic disease issues.” They say Kelly “complained that he can’t exercise in the small room and “he can’t have the diet he needs or wants” with prison food.

The Blast

They are using the information to make their argument Kelly needs to remain behind bars. They claim he is not in any danger medically while in prison and fear he will flee is released.

Kelly is currently making his third attempt to be released on bond. His arguments have included the current health crisis, saying he’s too famous to flee the county and claims of being diabetic.

A judge has shut down Kelly’s previous two attempts. No decision has been made on his recent motion.

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