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Ricky Gervais Defends Louis C.K.'s Controversial Standup Material: 'You Can Joke About Whatever the Fk You Like'

By TheBlast Staff

Ricky Gervais is coming to the defense of his good friend Louis C.K. after leaked audio of his latest standup routine drew major backlash.

"Please stop saying 'You can't joke about anything anymore.' You can," Gervais wrote. "You can joke about whatever the f**k you like. And some people won't like it and they will tell you they don't like it. And then it's up to you whether you give a f**k or not. And so on. It's a good system."

He added, "There is no subject out of bounds. People often get offended when they mistake the subject of a joke with the actual target. It all depends on the joke."

One person responded to Gervais' tweet by saying, "Mmmm. People who laugh at 'jokes' about kids being shot dead in school are a$$holes and I will not miss a chance to point that out to them. Ever. Repeatedly."

To which he responded back, "You have every right to do so :)."

Another person wrote to him, "Must be nice having the privilege to say and do what you like."

Ricky Gervais answered, "Free speech is amazing, yes."

A different fan asked about joking about animal cruelty, to which Gervais answered back, "You can joke about anything. Just don't actually be cruel to animals. You can joke about murdering people. Just don't murder people. It's really simple."

The British comedian did not refer to Louis by name once but it's clear who and what he is talking about.

Leaked audio of a recent Louis C.K. performance touched on C.K.'s issues with gender association before setting his crosshairs on the survivors from the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting speaking to Congress.

"You're not interesting because you went to a school where kids were shot," the comedian said, adding, "You didn't get shot, you pushed some fat kid out of the way."

He appeared to be directly referencing the two biggest advocates after the school shooting, David Hoggs and Emma Gonzalez.

In response, Fred Guttenberg, the well-known father of 14-year-old Jaime Guttenbeg, had some words of his own. "To anyone who knows Louis CK, please deliver this message for me. My daughter was killed in the Parkland shooting. My son ran from the bullets. My wife and I deal with loss everyday."

Guttenberg, who famously got swerved by Justice Brett Kavanaugh while trying to shake his hand, added, "Why don't you come to my house and try out your new pathetic jokes?"

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