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Rapper Rick Ross TROLLS Tory Lanez Over Album Release, Buys Him A Tiny Smart Car!

By Mike Walters

Rapper Rick Ross is not happy Tory Lanez dropped any album instead of addressing the shooting of Megan Thee Stallion, so he decided to troll him on social media, buying him a tiny smart car!

The 'Maybach Music' boss started by addressing the situation in a serious manner, posting a video of himself telling Lanez it was a bad idea releasing an album in this way.

"Tory Lanez, poor decision brother dropping this project. Just out of respect for Breonna Taylor," Ross said on Instagram stories.

But, he wasn't done yet.

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Rick Ross: Tory Lanez, This Was A Poor Decision!


The legendary rapper continued, "Just out of respect for Breonna Taylor bro. We gotta respect these sisters. It ain't how you address the accusations."

He added, "That was a poor choice homie, you ain't getting any money with that s--t."

As we reported, Tory Lanez broke his silence over the shooting with Megan Thee Stallion by talking to rapper T.I. about the situation. But, he didn't say much -- but teased he would be addressing the violent incident on Thursday night. Instead, he dropped an album that touched on the subject a few times.

So, Rick Ross decided to TROLL him, big time! (See Below)

Rick Ross Trolls Tory Lanez Buying Him A Tiny Smart Car!


Rick Ross posted a video on Instagram where he is walking up to a small white car in his driveway, and saying, "I just bought a car for Tory Lanez, I got him a gift."

As he approaches, you can see it is a tiny white smart car and the rapper says, "For your album release homie, that's you."

It should be noted, according to reports, he only stands 5 feet 3 inches, and when the number was released in a police report, Twitter had a 'field day bashing the young rapper for his diminutive stature.' Hence the smart car troll.

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See The Shocking Video!


That's not all.

Rick Ross included a video where a small version of Tory Lanez was digitally added to the clip, where he appears to be even shorter than the vehicle. (Above)

RR isn't the only person who has come out against Tory Lanez decision to promote an album instead of addressing the shooting.

As we reported, KeKe Palmer took to Instagram, saying, “I’m probably going to delete later but I’m seeing stuff like everybody is seeing stuff and I really hate how Megan’s word isn’t enough for some of y’all. I know “we weren’t there” but it feels insensitive to exploit the details of your relationship with someone in an attempt to excuse your own behavior and gain popularity.”

She added, "It feels the opposite of accountable, almost seems narcissistic and I think toxic if we as a society say it’s okay."

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