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Rick Ross' Baby Mama Makes 'Official' Pregnancy Announcement With STUNNING Lingerie Shoot!!

By Mike Walters

Rick Ross's baby mama just made the official announcement she is pregnant with their third child, and she did it in a HUGE way, by posting video and photos of herself wearing smoking hot lingerie!!

Briana Camille shared the stunning footage on Instagram, where she showed off her growing baby bump. But, she decided to REALLY show it off, by sporting sexy lingerie and dancing around inside of her home. It is amazing!

As you can imagine, the model is leaving no doubt she is pregnant, and she is not leaving much else to the imagination either!!

You Gotta See This!

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See The Mind-Blowing Photos!


Briana posted the mind-blowing images along with a lengthy statement about the importance of being a mother, and how beautiful the process is.

"In the midst of so much going on in the world I choose to put my energy into spreading LOVE not hate. That’s what my kids see and receive from me and will always remember. Being a mother is the most beautiful and endearing thing I could be in my life right now," she began.

She continued, "To be able to carry a child/children a whole tiny being for 9 months is beyond superpower. I Embrace it and everything that comes with it."

Check Out The Photos!

Briana Busts Out Sexy Dance To Show Off Growing Baby Bump!


Briana continued, "The cravings, the weight gain, the GLOW, the sleepless nights, aches, excitement, anticipation, frequent trips to the bathroom etc...... it’s definitely a journey but a BEAUTIFUL one that is all worth it, the moment you hold your tiny person in your arms and know that they look at you as the most perfect, flawless, thing they have seen thus far! To all my fellow super moms I tip my hat to you. You’re amazing and doing a great job!"

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Feeling GOOD!


Camille seems to address the situation with Rick Ross in the message, by adding, "God didnt give us this magical ability to procreate without equipping us for the storms when they come. 😉 Lets give hope to our upcoming generation by continuing to fight for a better way of life for them and instilling so much LOVE, LIGHT, and RESPECT ✊🏽 that they know the difference when it’s anything other than that!"

She ended her post by saying, "#blacklivesmatter #blm #SexyAsAMother #pregnancy #pregnancyannouncement P.S thank you for all the kind words of encouragement."

See The Smoking Hot Video!!


As we reported, Briana is in the middle of a custody war with rapper Rick Ross and claims he tossed her and their two children out of his Florida mansion.

According to multiple reports, a DNA test has proven Rick Ross is the father of her two other children. She has told the court she is pregnant with the ex-couples third child and is asking a court to for the rapper to pay child support.

According to, Camille is a military veteran who was discharged due to a medical condition. She has not worked in the past 4 years and claims she is now being forced to spend money on rent, medical bills, and food for the kids.

The case is ongoing.

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