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Rich the Kid's Estranged Wife Needs More Money Because Twerking Doesn't Pay

By TheBlast Staff

Rich the Kid's estranged wife is gunning for more money from the rapper, claiming he pulls in over $100,000 per month while she shakes her ass for zilch.

According to documents filed by Rich's ex, Lady Luscious, she says the "Plug Walk" rapper is living a life of luxury with two homes and multiple vehicles, including a Lamborghini, Bentley, Porsche and Mercedes.

Luscious, who has two children with Rich, claims between musical recordings and touring, he makes over $100,000 per month. Meanwhile, Luscious says she is self-employed as a member of the Twerk Team, but makes $0 per month. The Twerk Team has been more of a social media movement, consisting of a team of Instagram models showcasing their twerk skills.

She also claims to be starting up an eyelash business, but says it will take a while before she starts seeing a profit. In the meantime, taking care of the ex-couple's kids, Queen Roger and King Willis, is costing her over $8,700 per month.

Luscious admits that Rich is currently paying her rent of $4,500 per month, as well as giving a few thousand per month for "housing expenses," but says she's grown tired of having "to ask for it all the time."

She claims Rich barely spends anytime with the kids, and has been unable to cooperate on more support, so now she's making it a legal matter. Luscious did not name an amount she wants from the rapper, but by listing his income she's hoping the judge will adhere to California's guidelines of child support, which is based off earnings.

It probably won't help Rich the Kid's case that he also regularly flaunts stacks of cash, like the other day when he shared a photo of himself in front of his Lamborghini. He was also robbed just hours later while at a recording studio in Hollywood.

Luscious filed for divorce against Rich last year, before he began hooking up with future baby mama, Tori Brixx.

A judge has not yet decided on Lady Luscious' request.


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