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Jacqueline Laurita Accuses 'RHONJ' Star Teresa Giudice of Being Disloyal to Husband

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By Natalie Hunter

Jacqueline Laurita may have moved to California, but it doesn't mean she's staying out of the New Jersey drama. Jacqueline has a lot to say about Teresa Giudice and her husband's deportation. Jacqueline Laurita took to "The Lookover Ladies" podcast to dish on her former costar and best friend. She describes Teresa's decision to stay in New Jersey and not move to Italy to be with Joe as selfish. She tells the podcast, "Honestly, to me, it was selfish because when he was gonna get deported... If that was my husband and my husband had to do all that, I would go wherever he went."

Jacqueline Attacks Teresa's Decision to Stay in Jersey


Jacqueline Laurita states that Theresa should've moved to Italy and kept the family together despite how difficult it would be using an example from her own life, "When I was in New Jersey, when my husband got the job out here [in California] wasn't an easy decision for me because I had family here obviously, but I still had to pick up my kids, uproot them from their [lives] to move them out here. I don't care if my husband had to go out of the country. I don't care where he went, I love my husband so much, wherever he goes, I would go with him."

Jacqueline Says Teresa's Marriage is Ruined

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Former "Real Houswives of New Jersey" star, Laurita, doesn't stop there. She goes on to point out the apparent flaws in Joe and Teresa's marriage stating, "I think she's angry at her husband for trusting him...She didn't know everything, but she is not innocent for sure. I know this. And I think that she's angry at him because she felt like she spent that time away from her kids, her family, the public embarrassment. And also the fact that once she got out, her mom passed away shortly after, and she was very close to her mom, so she looked at it like a time of that year I could've spent with my mom before she died, but I had to spend it here." Jacqueline discusses how Teresa would go to prison and feel no affection towards her husband and not even being able to kiss him.

Jacqueline Worries About the Effects on Teresa's Kids

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Jacqueline confirms the cheating claims against both Teresa and Joe, "They both did each other wrong. They both -- I don't care what either of them say -- they both cheated on each other, they both did wrongdoing." She goes onto explain the effect she believes that Teresa's reaction to Joe's arrest and deportation has had on her kids, "They're getting teased at school. She puts herself in the press. She always wanted to be famous. Always. And that's what's sad. Her kids are getting teased at school... If it were me, it'd be like, time to remove them from the camera and start a new life with your husband..."

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