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'RHOC' Star Tamra Judge Backs Up Husband Eddie's Claim The Reality Show Is Fake

By Ryan Naumann

“Real Housewives of Orange County” star Tamra Judge is backing up her husband Eddie’s claim the reality show is fake.

The reality star took to Instagram allowing fans to ask her anything. The session came days after Eddie Judge trashed the show for making him look bad.

A fan asked, “if they edit you so bad why do you stay? BTW you’re my favorite.” Tamra said, “It’s reality TV. So much is taken out of context! I know who I am and that’s all that matters.”

Tamra was also asked “How are you and Eddie?” and she replied “we are doing great. 10 years strong.”

One fan wanted to know how her son Ryan was doing. She said, “He’s doing good. Therapy has helped him through a lot of his struggles. He appreciates all the messages of support.”

“Do you feel more like a sh-t disturber this season? Worried you’ll end up like vicki?” asked another. Tamra fired back, “No! I don’t usually blame editing but it was EDITING! Lots of comments taking out of context. Do I speak my mind absolutely!”

When asked “Do you think the show portrays you in a certain way?” she said “Of course!!! It’s reality TV they need to make it interesting.”

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Over the weekend, Eddie posted a long statement on social media calling out the show editing. He was getting trashed by “RHOC” fans after an episode involving Tamra and her 33-year-old son Ryan.

Tamra is seen talking to Eddie about Ryan’s therapy and saying she fears he might commit suicide. Tamra said, “I struggled with depression, I was sad, I had no self-worth. To hear Ryan say that, it scares me. I worry that one day Ryan might commit suicide. That’s my biggest fear.”

Eddie responded, "When you’re struggling with childhood issues as a man, you’re not a man" which caused an uproar with fans.

Eddie social media statement read, “Time to move on... just because you see it on TV doesn’t mean it’s real! I’m happy most of you understand this and those that do not, you need to learn how it works. Reality TV is not Reality. These shows are designed to get maximum reaction from the viewers.”


He added, “Has anyone reached out to a villain on a TV show and messaged him/her what a piece of shit he/she is because of what they saw that person do or say to someone else on that show? Oh yeah, no. Because someone wrote that script. Well, someone writes the script on reality TV. Just not exactly the same way a scripted show is produced. I stand behind what I said and never did I say that people with a mental illness need to man up. I understand mental illness. I also understand when someone uses mental illness as an scapegoat.”

Eddie continued, “Ryan is not mentally ill and he is not using it as an scapegoat. He is struggling with life. And, you don’t have to be mentally ill to feel depressed. However, the TV show will figure out how to get max reaction by editing a touching moment in such a way to get you to watch for more. If they do not, then we have no show. Get it? The end!”

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