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Watch 'RHOC' Star Shannon Beador Confront Tamra Judge Over Smack Talk Rumors

By Whitney Vasquez

This is the episode every "Real Housewives of Orange County" fan has been waiting for! In a preview released ahead of Tuesday night's episode, we see the intense showdown between best friends Shannon Beador and Tamra Judge following Shannon learning that Tamra had been talking about her behind her back. In the clip, Shannon meets up with Tamra for coffee and they dive right into the confrontation. It's messy, aggressive and you won't be able to take your eyes off the screen!

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Shannon & Tamra's Showdown:


To no surprise, Tamra Judge is the instigator in the coffee confrontation. "How are you?" Shannon is seen asking Tamra, as she responds with attitude, "Horrible. Thanks for asking." When Shannon tells her to elaborate, Tamra hits her with "I think we better just cut to the chase. You want to tell me what this s—tstorm is about?" That's when a calm Shannon recalls her dinner with "RHOC" co-stars where Kelly Dodd told her that Tamra's talking smack about her, including telling the girls she's gaining weight. "She goes, ‘You don't understand how many mean things Tamra says about you all the time,'" she tells Tamra. To no surprise, Tamra appears to deny the whole thing.

Kelly Unloads!

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As The Blast reported, Kelly Dodd unleashed on Tamra Judge during last week's episode calling her a "snake" after Kelly learned she was the one starting the "train" rumors, not Vicki Gunvalson. Newcomer Braunwyn Windham-Burke told Kelly the news over dinner with "RHOC" castmates Emily Simpson and Beador. "Tamra always acts like she's my best friend. She's the biggest two face!" Kelly told the ladies. She later addressed the situation to the Bravo cameras. "I think this is part of Tamra's pattern. She is somebody that likes to throw a little bomb and then walk away," she stated. "Tamra was actually the one that was spreading the train rumor! I had no idea! I always thought it was Vicki! I am completely shocked, disappointed, it makes me sick to my stomach that I even trusted this woman.”

Shannon's Stunned!


After the cat was out of the bag regarding the "train" rumor, the other "Housewives" harped in on their issues with Tamra. Shannon was the only one who stuck up for her during the dinner and that's when Kelly Dodd told her about a number of issues Tamra's brought up behind her back. "You should see the s--- that she says about you!” Kelly told Shannon. "I've had hours and hours of conversation with Tamra about you.”

Clearly stunned, Shannon responded, "About me?! Are you serious? Negative?” Kelly told her that Tamra had been saying she's "'kissing every guy at the bar.' She called Gina last night, and she told Gina, 'Why don't you, me and Kelly room together on our next trip?' Uh-huh. She said that to Gina. Oh, and then she told me when I bonked you on the head, she's like, 'Oh, there was nothing wrong with her.’" Kelly also told Shannon that Tamra's accused her of putting on weight. "She's saying I'm gaining weight?!" Shannon Beador responded. "I'm just so surprised.” Later, Shannon opened up about the situation telling cameras she felt “like the wind’s been knocked out of me because I have gained weight.” She also stated, “I've talked to Tamra about it, so how would Kelly know? Is Tamra really talking about me? To hear some of these comments kind of opens up some old wounds for me.”

Kelly Starts More Drama!


That's not the only drama Kelly has stirred this past week. Just days ago, she caused a firestorm after asking fans which "Housewife" looked better at their reunion taping. Many fans thought it was juvenile of Kelly Dodd and accused her of pitting the cast against each other. "Who looked better? Are you really asking that?" questioned one person. "Why would you even write that? Don't you have some making up to do?" wrote another referencing her rocky relationships with the "Housewives." "Pitting women against women. Classy Kelly," another critiqued of her post.

Watch the whole ordeal unfold on "RHOC" tonight at 9PM PT on Bravo!

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