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'RHOC' Star Meghan Edmonds Fights With Internet Troll Over Christmas With Kids, Amid Jim Divorce Drama

By Ryan Naumann

“Real Housewives of Orange County” star Meghan Edmonds fired back at an internet troll who accused her of playing the victim following her split from Jim.

On Christmas, Meghan posted photos with her three kids opening presents. She got real about the struggles to keep it all together.

She wrote, “Christmas morning: full of joy and laughter (...and also oversleeping because your toddler was in your bed so you couldn’t check your alarm volume and turns out it was at ZERO and you didn’t find out till 7:26am... when your twin boys are screaming and the alarm silently has been going off since 6am... but you’ve been helping Santa with duties/aka installing - literally - a new play room, and didn’t get to sleep till 2am; stressing out your kids don’t see the “big gift” right away; putting your premade casseroles in the oven 1.5 hours late then forgetting you have to cook a special syrup even though you still haven’t brushed your teeth/hair but your entire family is over - each looking like a snack bc they prepared properly - and hungrily awaiting their promised breakfast."

She continued, "all whist 3 terrorists parasitically demand their milk with full diapers awaiting my changing.) Christmas, such a magical holiday. 🌟 Btw I think many moms can relate, right?”

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One troll tried to come for Meghan commenting, “You thrive on being a victim. You put a ridiculous amount on your plate, then post about it so you can look like a hero to everyone. Jim and Haley were 100% spot on about your narcissism. Yes, we get it. Mom's have it tough sometimes. Especially those who don't have nanny's and a gaggle of help at their fingertips.Try being humble and not always posting..."hey look how fab I am"! 🙄”

The reality fired back, “0 posts 0 followers nuff said 🙄”


She added, “apparently you also have insta to follow me (and several others) and spew bad vibes on a holiday. Even if you believe what you said, where is your empathy? This has been the hardest time for me. And I am a victim in many ways. Does that make me a narcissist? I agree, I took on too much, way more than I should have and I emotionally paid for it, but I think it has less to do with narcissism and more to do with overcompensating in an attempt to pretend the life I thought I’d have isn’t crumbing all around me.”

Meghan ended, “Am I complaining or am I just venting? Tbh I’m doing both. And if I am sounding whiney or victim it’s because I am both because I need a little bit more coddling right now and I’m not too proud to admit that. This diatribe isn’t for you, it’s for me. I’m working through things.”

The feud comes amid Meghan’s split from Jim Edmonds, who was not spotted celebrating Christmas with the reality star and their kids.

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