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'RHOC' Star Lauri Peterson's Son Pleads For $1 Million Bail To Be Lowered in Attempted Murder Case

By Ryan Naumann

“Real Housewives of Orange County” star Lauri Peterson’s son is pleading for his $1 million bond to be lowered and for his trial for attempted murder be pushed back to allow him to prepare his defense.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Lauri’s son, Josh Waring, has filed an appeal in hopes of lowering his current bail of $1 million down to at least $500,000.

Waring has been behind bars in an Orange County jail since 2016. Waring was arrested following an incident outside a sober living home where he allegedly shot a man named Daniel Lopez, who survived the gunshot. He plead not guilty and the case has dragged on for years.

In his appeal, Waring claims his $1 million bail was set based on a series of mistakes. He believes the evidence shows he did not try to shoot Lopez. He claims the gunshot residue testing produced negative results.

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He also takes issue with the judge increasing his bail based solely on one police officer’s testimony. He said the testimony the officer gave “contained multiple material misrepresentations” including the claim Waring had a criminal history for domestic violence and robbery (when he in fact did not).

Waring is pleading for the judge to lower his bond immediately and allow him to be free awaiting his trial. He requests the current trial date of August 23rd be pushed back, to allow him to work on his defense and participate in a drug treatment program. He also agrees to wear a GPS monitor if allowed out.

Gettyimages | NBC

While behind bars, Waring has taken issue with prosecutors in his attempted murder case and accused them of illegally obtaining recorded conversations he had while in jail.

He filed a claim against the County of Orange demanding $1.4 million in damages for his phone calls allegedly being recorded. He accuses the County of unlawfully recording his calls in jail and says they violated attorney-client privilege.

Waring claims between August 2016 to present, at least 1,4000 calls were intercepted, recorded and turned over to the investigating prosecution team thus violating a court order.

He claims they listened in to calls with his parents, girlfriend and grandmother. He adds, “the phone calls recorded contain discussions of confidential defense strategies in preparation for case”

Waring accused prosecutors of obtaining recordings of his private jail phone calls, to use against him in his upcoming trial for attempted murder. He claimed conversations with his public defender were listened in on and recorded without his knowledge.

The Sheriff’s Office claimed the recordings were made in error by a third-party company and the calls were not illegally being listened into by law enforcement.

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