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'RHOC' Star Meghan King Edmonds Says Jim Hasn't Seen Children Since Split

By Whitney Vasquez

Meghan King Edmonds is pulling the single mom card and claiming her estranged husband, Jim Edmonds, has yet to see their three kids since he walked out on her. The "Real Housewives of Orange County" star revealed their daughter, Aspen, and twin sons, Hayes and Hart, have yet to see their father after the explosive accusations he cheated on her with their nanny. She is finally speaking out in her first interview since the split and detailing what it's like to be at home alone with their children.

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He Hasn't Seen The Kids:


"He hasn’t seen them since he left me — in no part due to any reluctance on my part — but hopefully, he will see them soon," she told Us Weekly. Meghan King Edmonds also compared how the separation has been on her two-year-old daughter and the one-year-old twins, revealing Aspen is more concerned with what happened to her iPad then where Daddy is. Spoiler -- the "RHOC" star claims Jim had the iPad turned off after he reported it stolen. "In true toddler fashion, Aspen is especially concerned with her broken iPad (he reported it stolen so it’s wiped clean and unable to be reactivated except by the person who activated it originally which is Jim) and she can’t use it anymore but I kind of like that she has to make creative fun. The twins are unaware anything happened," Meghan King Edmonds said.

Baby Shark Blacklash & Telling Aspen:


In regards to everyone's issue with her attending "Baby Shark Live" the day after he reportedly filed for divorce, she said she went with her sister because it was already a pre-planned event and "Jim didn’t want to go." Instead, she claims he was at the family home collecting his belongings and moving out. "RHOC" fans wondered if their split was part of a scheme for Meghan to have a larger presence on future episodes. Many thought going to a public place after the divorce news broke was fishy.

Meghan King Edmonds also described how she broke the news about their separation to their oldest child, Aspen. "I had to quickly come up with a way to tell Aspen we are getting divorced when Jim cleared out his closet the day after he told me he was leaving," she revealed. "Jim hasn’t asked about how I told her or how she took the news. In fact, I don’t think it’s occurred to him that seeing his empty closet could scar our toddler."

Nanny Texted Jim Late-Night


The "RHOC" star said her relationship with the nanny, Carly Wilson, was a tricky one. While they took care of her and helped her further her education, Meghan King Edmonds had an issue when Jim Edmonds described her in a daughter-like way in his statement. “I thought the point of a nanny is for them to act as if our children are her surrogate children while we are away, so his statement describing her as a daughter was confusing to me," she stated. "My husband has seven children so I don’t understand why or how he’d see a hired childcare provider as an additional child. To call her a daughter flagrantly crosses the lines of a professional relationship with respectable boundaries. I understand that to bring a nanny into our home is to embrace them as a member of our family in some ways, but the ‘daughter’ reference is still perplexing.”

She also accused Carly of texting her husband during late-night hours and alleged she never publically spread the cheating allegations. "I only ever privately alleged that Carly and my husband had an inappropriate relationship. It was Carly, Jim, and Jim’s daughter Hayley who repeated references such 'allegations' in the media and blew up this story. This is the very first time I have spoken to the media in the wake of this devastating scandal," she told Us Weekly. "Also, is it kind to secretly hang out with your boss’ husband at a bar until 1:30 a.m. and then delete all texts between the two of you? Is that putting my children first?"

Kelly Dodd:


Meghan King Edmonds also made nice with "RHOC" co-star Kelly Dodd who had been publically questioning Jim's faithfulness since 2017. Days ago, Dodd made a splash when she appeared to gloat over the nanny drama on social media. “I said it and called it at the reunion. After she was calling me out for having an affair. funny how these housewives like to pass judgment. they need to clean their own houses," she wrote as a reply on an IG post. But Meghan King Edmonds says it's true and that Kelly Dodd was "spot-on" in assuming the worst.

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