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'RHOC' Star Jim Edmonds Responds To Paying Low Child Support Allegations -- She Must Be Buying 'Fabergé' Eggs!

By Mike Walters

'RHOC' star Meghan King Edmond's ex-husband, Jim Edmonds, is responding to the allegations that he isn't paying a sufficient amount of child support for his family and his wife's statements that it "barely pays for groceries for my tribe."

The MLB legend issued a statement denying the allegations and claiming he is paying a handsome amount of child support that should cover all of the expenses, and then some.

“We’re not going to give numbers because it’s no one’s business, but if what Jim is giving to Meghan each month for child support doesn’t cover her groceries, she must be getting her eggs from Fabergé," Jim's publicist Steve Honig said.

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Jim Edmonds Claims He Pays For ALL The Bills!

He continued, "Jim also pays every single bill for both of her homes, all the medical bills and practically every other expense related to the kids and the houses."

The reaction comes on the heels of Meghan King Edmonds commenting on Instagram where she responded to a fan, saying, "Girl I have a career thank you very much! That child support is not buying me gold and baubles — it barely pays for groceries for my tribe!”

The two share three children, a daughter, and two twin boys, and filed for divorce in Orange County, California where the two shared a home together.

MLB Legend's Rep, "Child Support Is Not For Gold and Baubles"

Jim's publicist didn't stop at just correcting the news story for his client, he including this, "Jim continually goes above and beyond what he is required to do. Meghan’s comments are an insult to all the single mothers who are genuinely struggling financially and working multiple jobs to make ends meet."

He added this last shot, “Someone also needs to tell Meghan that child support is not for gold and baubles."

As you know, child support in the state of California is based on a percentage of a person's income weighed against the income of the other party.

The Couple Split After Allegations Of Infidelity With The Nanny

SO, if Jim's post-baseball salary isn't that high, and Meghan earns on 'RHOC' and her other businesses, the amount could be on the smaller side.

We are guessing Jim makes a ton of money, so it seems it would be a substantial amount. Also, keep in mind the amount of money Jim made playing baseball would not factor into the equation.

As we reported, these two split back in October after Meghan accused him of having an intimate relationship with the couple's former nanny. Both Jim and the nanny denied having any sexual relationship.

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