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'RHOC' Alum Jim Edmonds Brags About Dropping $2k at Costco Amid Coronavirus

By Whitney Vasquez

Meghan King Edmonds' ex Jim Edmonds is under fire after he was caught gloating over walking out of Costco with a truck full of food and products. "The Real Housewives of Orange County" alum's estranged husband ignored professionals who warned the public about panic shopping amid the Coronavirus outbreak and did it anyway, causing many fans to turn on him as products continue to fly off the shelves all around the country. Jim Edmonds dropped a fat chunk of change to the tune of $2k on food, water, and household supplies earlier this week and people are pissed.

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Flexing Amid An Outbreak:


The "RHOC" alum infuriated everyone when he bragged about his shopping spree on his Instagram Story, sharing several pictures showing the stockpile of goods he walked away with. He continued to eat his words when he boasted about dropping $2k at Costco while many Americans are out of work after restaurants, bars, and shops closed all around the country in an effort to prevent the outbreak from spreading. “Costco was ready for me yesterday,” Meghan King Edmonds' ex wrote while showing off his pickup truck full of groceries.

Showing Off His Stockpile:


He then posted a close-up of the products, including boxes of chips, Ego waffles, granola bars, toothpaste and water bottles which have been hard for anyone to get their hands on. "Looks way more impressive in person,” Jim Edmonds captioned the snap. It didn't stop there either. Once the former Bravo star got home, he proceeded to show his refrigerator completely stocked. Jim Edmonds also wanted to make sure that everyone knew he was telling the truth about spending $2k because he showed a picture of the total at the Costco register which read $2,055.98. "Told ya," he wrote.

Gloating Over His Cash Flow:


Once his posts made the rounds to a fan Facebook site, they destroyed Jim Edmonds over his actions. "Disgusting! People out here not able to buy food because they aren't earning a paycheck and he posts this shit? Gross," one person wrote. "Wow. That's just gross of him. It honestly makes me feel sick looking at that, thinking of how many people can't even afford a fraction of that right now," stated another. "Wish he devoted as much time to not cheating on his wife as he does on flexing spending money when people need help. F---ing asshole," added a third. Others called him "selfish" and a "tool." In all fairness, Jim Edmonds does have tons of kids, three of which he shares with his estranged wife, Meghan King Edmonds.

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