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'RHOC' Fans Take Braunwyn's Side in Gina Kirschenheiter 'Public School' Feud

By Whitney Vasquez

Braunwyn Windham-Burke may have ran away from the table crying following her feud with Gina Kirschenheiter, but fans are siding with her after last night's episode.

During Tuesday's "RHOC" show, Bravo watchers witnessed an epic meltdown between the co-stars following a comment Brauwyn made about public school.

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What Happened?

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During Vicki Gunvalson's high tea birthday party, Gina opened up to her co-stars about her 5-year-old daughter Sienna's development issues.

That's when Braunwyn randomly responded by asking her, "You do public school, right?"

A shocked Gina reacted by saying, "She's not even in school yet" to which Braunwyn stated, "Public school is great. They have your back."

Gina didn't take that well and unleashed, making Braunwyn cry and rush to the bathroom.

Fans Support Braunwyn:

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Despite Braunwyn claiming her kids go to public school -- which the housewives said was false -- "RHOC" fans took to social media following the fight to show their support for the newest castmember.

Gina later explained that Braunwyn's comment made her feel poor.

"@braunwyn I saw nothing wrong with your saying the public school comment/question to Gina. It seems to me she's looking for any reason, no matter how minute, to jump on you. Keep being you!" wrote a fan.

Another person called Gina an "a--hole."

Gina's Reaching:

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Fans thought Gina was reaching and just looking for an excuse to lash out at her co-star.

"Braunwyn literally asked if Gina’s kids go to public school. That’s all. You are REACHING for a reason to hate her, Gina," a fan wrote.

"Don’t even like Braunwyn but Gina is REACHING about the public school comment. Literally don’t think she meant anything by it and Gina took it and RAN to try to stay relevant #RHOC," another tweeted.

Defending Public School:

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The housewives shut down Braunwyn's claim that her kids go to public school with many saying they go to a charter and that doesn't count.

But fans are sticking up for her saying the cast is wrong about charter schools.

"Watching Real Housewives of Orange County dude Gina is a mess a Charter School is still considered a Public School #SMH 🤦🏼‍♀️ @braunwyn is only trying to help."

Fortunately for Bravo fans, that wasn't the only epic meltdown during Vicki's high tea celebration.

"RHOC" is on Bravo every Tuesday at 9 PM PT.

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