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'RHOBH' Star Lisa Rinna Slammed For Denise Richards 'Gaslighting' Comment

By Whitney Vasquez

"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" fans are not happy with Lisa Rinna after she called Denise Richards out by accusing her of "gaslighting" the group. Following part one of the reunion, which aired on Wednesday night, viewers took to social media to attack Rinna for "overreacting" and shouting out the allegations in the direction of her supposed "friend of 20 years."

The 57-year-old was put through the wringer for her behavior on part one of the reunion and there's still two more to go.

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The Threesome Blowout:

Lisa Rinna trying on her wigs.

During Wednesday's virtual reunion, Lisa Rinna went head to head with Denise Richards over the women's threesome talk that kicked off the drama this season. The ladies encountered plenty of fights after Denise asked them to refrain from having sex talks in front of her children. Her "RHOBH" castmates felt that she was being "hypocritical" given her past and trying to make them look bad.

So, when Denise claimed at the reunion that she was "confused" why her castmates couldn't just let the conversation go, Lisa Rinna couldn't bite her tongue.

Rinna's 'Gaslighting' Comment:

Lisa and Denise during happier times.

Speaking about the threesome talk, Denise Richards suggested the girls "agree to disagree and move on from it." She also added that she "wasn't the one that kept bringing it up every single dinner." That's when Rinna chimed in with the "gaslighting" accusation.

"Yes you were!" she responded. She then broke out into a chant. "Gaslighting, gaslighting, let's have some gaslighting," Lisa Rinna sang, which annoyed "RHOBH" viewers. She also went WILD over a tweet that Denise Richards liked calling her "racist" and insisting Rinna be fired. Many took to Twitter to SLAM Lisa Rinna for her immature behavior with some saying she "overreacted" about the tweet.

Fans Attack Lisa:

Rinna broke down crying this season.

"I love you but you completely overreacted to that tweet Denise liked. it's not like bravo or evolution are going to actually take into consideration that you will be fired. also the accusation of racism stemmed from the Halloween pic of you and Harry," one fan wrote.

"Lisa Rinna is yelling gaslighting? But is made Denise has public support? It's almost like she wants Denise to be a quiet mouse and fall in line with the storyline her and the producers have pushed... and that's not gaslighting??" added another. "@lisarinna so OVER YOU! You are truly a MEAN girl and I hate how you act. Yours [sic] gaslighting comments and constant badgering, you make me sick," shared a third.

"RHOBH" part two reunion airs on Bravo next Wednesday at 9 PM ET.

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