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'RHOBH' Star Lisa Rinna Slammed After Denise Richards' Steak And Strippers Comment

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By Whitney Vasquez

"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Lisa Rinna is being ripped apart by fans over her reaction after Denise Richards abruptly left Kyle Richards barbecue on Wednesday night's episode. Viewers were left shaking their heads after Rinna chased Denise and her husband, Aaron Phypers out into the driveway to "talk," only to run back to the party and gossip about the duo. Her favorite topic? The fact that Denise and Aaron told her they were so upset with the cast, they going straight to a strip club for steaks.

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Friends Of 20 Years:


Denise Richards has spoken out about her disappointment in her "friend of 20 years" this season but this one may take the cake. "RHOBH" fans watched the dramatic scene as Lisa Rinna ran into the driveway in her green flowing dress to catch her friend before she ditched the barbeque.

Addressing Denise Richards, Lisa Rinna said, "All of a sudden, you're like gone, so I wanted to know that you're ok!" before correcting herself by adding, "As my friend, if you're ok."

The Steak and Strippers Comment:


Denise Richards didn't want to get into anything on camera and responded, "As your friend, I want to talk to you privately because you hurt my feelings in Santa Barbara. But I don't want [their] f---ng opinions in our friendship." That's when Denise casually mentioned she was off with her husband to eat steak and watch some strippers.

After Denise exits, Lisa Rinna looked like a giddy child as she ran back to the group of women to gossip. She also slammed her girlfriend in the confessional. "Wait, what?! I somehow hurt your feelings and you're really mad and hurt about it, but, 'We're going to get a steak and we're going to a strip club,'" she laughed.

Fans Go OFF on Rinna:


"RHOBH" fans were left shocked over Lisa Rinna's behavior and many took to Twitter to shut down the star. "Amazing how fast Rinna had to run back to give that information to the girls. She is no one's friend," one viewer tweeted.

"Of course you were! I can't believe a friend of so many years talks behind your back and tries to stir the pot!" added another. Someone else commented, "And of course Rinna ran and told them, a real friend would never." Denise later came out and revealed the steak and strippers comment was just a joke.

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