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'RHOBH' Star Erika Jayne Spits Venom At Hater Who Shades Her Cop Son

By Whitney Vasquez

Erika Jayne can talk about other people's kids all she wants, but when someone comes for her grown son, be warned because she doesn't play. "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star shot back at one troll who brought her son, 26-year-old Tommy Zizzo's profession into the mix when she posted for Black Out Tuesday. The blonde singer's spawn is a police officer in California and has relatively stayed out of the spotlight. When Erika Jayne posted the blacked-out box, one person took issue.

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The Troll Came For Erika's Son:


Sharing the signature Black Out Tuesday post, a follower shot back by attempting to shame her. "Your son is an officer!” the hater commented, to which Erika Jayne fired venom back. "My son was brought up NOT to be racist,” she replied. “His job is to protect and serve ALL not just people that have his skin color," she wrote before adding, "F--- you and stay off my page.” Once fans caught wind of her clap back, they applauded the star for speaking up.

Her Clever Clap Back:


"Man I thought I loved you before but hell yes ✊🏾❤️," one person posted. "Exactly right. YOU CAN SUPPORT BOTH! NOT ALL COPS ARE BAD! STOP MAKING A DIVIDE! That's the issue! DONT LABEL ALL AS BAD WHEN A SELECT FEW ARE THE PROBLEM!!!" shared another. "People need to understand that being against police brutality doesn't mean you are against police," mirrored someone else. Erika Jayne has recently been in the headlines for her derogatory comments about her co-star Denise Richards' daughters.

Denise Richards Drama:


In a recent episode of "RHOBH," fans watched in horror when the singer suggested that the actress' teenage girls with Charlie Sheen have probably already had threesomes. FYI -- one is sixteen years old and the other is only fourteen. Not only were the housewives shocked at her comments, but so were viewers who immediately took to social media and buried the star. "Now Erika I love you but did you really just imply that Denise's teenage daughters had threesomes? That's f------ disgusting. Especially coming from a woman who flipped out when her son was just mentioned," one person pointed out.

Salty Threesome Comment:


"Erika is usually my girl, but the kids probably already had a threesome comment is literally fighting words," added another. "Erika should be ashamed of that comment. Absolutely not okay to imply Denise daughters have had a threesome #RHOBH," tweeted a third. Instead of apologizing to Denise, Erika Jayne doubled down on her comments. As for Denise Richards, she was pissed. Calling the threesome comment "beyond inappropriate," she told her followers that she did not know about Erika Jayne's salty diss until she watched the episode like everyone else.

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