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'RHOBH' Star Denise Richards Says House Already Had Dead Possums, Rats, And Poop Everywhere

Gettyimages | Robin Marchant
By Mike Walters

Denise Richards and husband Aaron Phypers are not responsible for any of the damage in their rental home, in fact, they say the place was completely trashed already, including dead possums, rats and animal poop all over the house.

According to a legal letter, obtained by The Blast, Denise's lawyers had been in contact with the owners of the rental home to discuss any damages that may be inside the home.

In the letter, the 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' star's attorney Stephen Bernard made it clear, "First and foremost, since you are claiming damages to the property for repair and replacements then I am entitled to see descriptive invoices paid or pending, including receipts and other documents describing damages."

We broke the story, Denise and Aaron were sued for allegedly violating a lease agreement by severely damaging a rental home.

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House Littered With "Fecal Matter" and "Dead Possums" Before They Moved In!

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He claims the only thing sent over was an estimate for $113,000 in repairs that had yet to be paid. Also, the owners would not send any photos or video of any alleged damages.

Plus, according to the letter, the house recently sold at fair market value, so Denise and her husband should not be held accountable for any past issues.

Sources close to the situation tell us, it's important to note, Denise and Aaron never actually lived in the home. A close family member of the couple lived there for several months.

The Property Just Sold For Market Value Price...

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"Next, you assert diminution in value of the property as a result of the damages allegedly occurring during my client's tenancy. Our research indicates that the subject residence sold at fair market value according to published comps in the area." the letter reads.

It continues, "The fact that a residential treatment program existed in close proximity to the subject property may have affected its saleability."

Denise's lawyer says it's simple, "it is my understanding that the house has been sold at fair market value according to comps in the area, so not only are your estimate of damages irrelevant but beyond that, simply a shakedown in an attempt to obtain monies because of my client's celebrity status."

'RHOBH' Star Has Videotape Proof They Left It In Good Condition


In the letter, Denise's lawyer points out the house had a ton of issues when the couple signed the lease in the first place. A list of problems with the home was included in the legal letter.

A list of the biggest issues include, "fecal matter found in virtually every room, rat and possum carcasses were found in the attic, severe mold was found in the cabinets and surfaces in the restrooms, broken dishwasher, the flooring in the kitchen, living room, dining room, and the hallways had completely mismatched wood flooring."

The 'RHOBH' star's lawyer ends his letter by telling the owners, "my clients had videotaped the premises after moving out. There does not appear to be damaged as you describe. I am more than happy to share the videotape with you."

Bottom Line: Denise and Aaron didn't do any damage to the home.

Richards: This Is Just a Celebrity Shake-Down For Cash


We spoke to Denise's lawyer, Stephen Bernard who tells us, they will be fighting this case with a fury based on the fact that there is no evidence any damages were caused by his clients. In fact, as the letter says, when he asked for any evidence of damage done, nothing was turned over to their side.

He believes this is an old fashion shake-down and the lawyers (who also happen to be owners of the property) are just trying to use her celebrity status for a payday.

As we reported, Denise and Aaron were sued by the owners of a short term rental property saying the couple trashed the home and violated the lease contract's pet guidelines.

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