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Rinna and Erika

'RHOBH': #TeamDenise Comes For Lisa Rinna & Erika Jayne After 'Evil' Reunion Behavior

By Whitney Vasquez

Lisa Rinna and Erika Jayne found themselves at the center of trolls after the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" reunion part one aired on Wednesday, September 2. The ex-"Melrose Place" actress and the "One Hot Pleasure" singer were targeted hard after displaying what some called "awful" and "evil" behavior during the virtual episode.

Many fans were upset with how they confronted their co-star Denise Richards over separate issues. Erika Jayne claimed Denise "singled" her out over the threesome comment, while Rinna accused Richards of "gaslighting" the group and "liking" a tweet calling for Lisa to be fired.

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Erika Screams 'Motherf---er!'


During Wednesday's part one, viewers watched in horror as Erika Jayne screamed at Denise Richards, insinuating that she was the one who blew the threesome comment out of proportion.

“Denise, I have to say this. You were upset enough to pull me aside and take me to coffee to apologize, generally.” That's when things took a turn with Erika Jayne shouted, “I was OK with being singled out bc knew I was being singled out,” Erika says. “I took it on the chin, I apologized sincerely. Then, I find out you take it to Teddi and Sutton [Stracke]? Motherf—er, I am out. That’s bulls—t.”

Rinna's 'Gaslighting' Comment:

Rinna during the reunion.

Lisa Rinna's "gaslighting" comment came after Denise Richards alleged that she "wasn't the one that kept bringing it up every single dinner." Rinna disagreed completely. "Yes you were!" she responded. She then broke out into a chant. "Gaslighting, gaslighting, let's have some gaslighting," Lisa Rinna sang, which annoyed "RHOBH" fans.

Immediately following part one of the reunion, viewers WENT OFF on both Lisa Rinna and Erika Jayne for their "evil" behavior towards Denise Richards. "Rinna and Erika decided together to beat Denise up before the reunion," one fan insisted, "Just your classic #RHOBHMeanGirls actions. So gross. Noone likes a bully."

#TeamDenise ATTACKS!

The girls in Rome, Italy.

"@DENISE_RICHARDS please tell me @ some point during the reunion you put Erika & Lisa in their place! Their behavior is absolutely awful & evil. After months their lack of apology speaks volumes. Acting a fool because you chose to like adult convos to ADULTS! Ridiculous!" added another. "Sooo... do Rinna, Teddi, & Erika think they're going to get LESS hate from the fans with this continued gang up attack on @DENISE_RICHARDS.. or have they all just sacrificed even pretending to be good people?" tweeted a third.

"RHOBH" part two airs on Bravo next Wednesay at 9 PM ET.

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