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Slams Newcomer LaToya Ali's Claim That She 'Lacks Empathy' For Black Women

NeNe Leakes Slams 'RHOA' Newcomer LaToya Ali's Claim That She 'Lacks Empathy' For Black Women

By Whitney Vasquez

"Real Housewives of Atlanta" newbie LaToya Ali is already coming for the Head Peach In Charge but NeNe Leakes quickly put her in her place. On Friday, July 24, Bravo revealed the 33-year-old influencer and actress Drew Sidora, 35, will join the Atlanta cast for season 13. While it's still up in the air on NeNe Leakes' future on the show, it didn't stop LaToya Ali from firing shots aimed at the longtime Bravo star.

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LaToya Slams NeNe:


LaToya shocked fans when she accused NeNe of lacking empathy for black women. Commenting on a tweet that NeNe Leakes wrote about a no-named "sociopath," LaToya Ali got personal with her response.

"Nene, you lack empathy for black women," she fired off before accusing the "RHOA" star of causing her aunt financial harm. “As a result of your ‘diva’ behavior my aunt lost her contract in Toronto because of your comments towards black women, leaving a black woman’s job in jeopardy. Remember when you appeared on the shopping channel?” she wrote.

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NeNe Fires Back!


NeNe Leakes played it smart and let others do the talking but still threw shade the "RHOA" newcomer's way. Reposting a supportive tweet from someone who claimed to work on the network during that time, NeNe Leakes put LaToya Ali in her place.

"that’s incorrect Latoya. Your aunt lost her contract because she came in on a date she wasn’t scheduled as a guest and waited outside of Nene’s dressing room for most of the day, essentially stalking her," the former employee wrote.

See The Scathing Tweet:


"Then she came and borrowed clothing from the collection to wear and take pictures with Nene," she explained. Claiming LaToya Ali's aunt "wasn’t authorized to do any of that and technically shouldn’t have even been in the building at all," the employee gave credit to her claims by revealing "I worked for the network at the time and was Styling that show."

She then fired off, "You aunt acted unprofessionally period. Don’t put out false information. I have respect for you, but that’s not what happened at all.” NeNe Leakes happily welcomed the clap back before writing, "Looks like my Canadian peeps from the channel is speaking out! Oh check out and the women entrepreneur factory," while adding the hashtags "#blm #bbm" and "#wepowerfulinnumbers."

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