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NeNe Leakes Fires Back At Wendy Williams Over 'RHOA' Departure

By Whitney Vasquez

NeNe Leakes is clapping back at Wendy Williams after the talk show host revealed private text messages from "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" star stating she was quitting the long-running Bravo show. Fans were shocked when Wendy read the text messages aloud on her Tuesday show, telling her guest Jerry O’Connell that she had just received a text from NeNe Leakes which simply read, "I'm quitting." The "Wendy Williams Show" host then spilled ALL the tea to her audience.

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The Private Text Messages:


"I took a break between commercials, my office is right there behind the set. I had to go to the bathroom and so I looked at my phone between commercials. And NeNe texts, ‘I’m quitting,’ ” Wendy Williams revealed. Saying the text came in just after 9 AM, she added, “I’m surprised I got it, because I have no service in my office, but I got it.” Well, NeNe Leakes has got something to say to her close friend and lashed out on social media.

Is NeNe Really Quitting?

After seemingly responding yesterday with a coy post, there was no room for debate if Wednesday's tweet was aimed for Wendy Williams. Following the talk show host spilling the tea, NeNe Leakes took to Instagram to post a selfie with a mysterious caption reading, "WHO SAID DAT!?!?!" and added the hashtag "shaking my head." While fans quickly filled up the "RHOA" star's post with comments begging her not to quit the show, NeNe Leakes really went for Wendy Williams' jugular today.

NeNe Fires Shots!


Posting a telling tweet early Wednesday morning, NeNe Leakes slammed the talk show host by stating, "Private conversations should be left in private!" She then questioned their friendship. "What are girlfriends for if you can’t vent to them on those type of days?" she questioned. Since Windy Wendy Williams' text-gate, NeNe Leakes' rep has stepped in to do damage control. "It’s been an especially difficult couple of weeks for NeNe, and she was venting to her friend in private correspondence. Nothing has been confirmed or officially decided for next season," her rep told PEOPLE.

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