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Reggie Bush Believes Kim Kardashian Could Hurt Him in NFL Injury Lawsuit

By TheBlast Staff

Reggie Bush is demanding his ex-girlfriend Kim Kardashian’s name not be spoken once to the jury in an upcoming court trial, saying the mere mention of her could turn jurors against him.

Back in 2016, Bush sued the then-St. Louis Rams (along with the company behind the Edward Jones Dome) accusing them of ruining his NFL season and costing him future income due to the injuries he incurred while playing at the stadium (see video below).

He accused them of failing to maintain a safe environment for the players and sued seeking damages for lost wages, medical expenses, loss of future earnings and pain & suffering.

The Rams denied any wrongdoing and a trial is upcoming.

Recently, Reggie Bush filed docs seeking to ban certain testimony during the trial, including any mention of Kim Kardashian.

His motion states, “Any and all evidence, argument, presentation or reference to 'celebrity gossip' aspects of Plaintiff’s personal life, including other past celebrities he has dated prior to his current marriage, is irrelevant to any issue in this matter, and its introduction would be highly prejudicial."

Bush also seeks to prohibit the jury from hearing any evidence of his non-football income. Bush wants nothing about his endorsement, football analyst or investments to be talked about in court. He wants no discussion about how he is already a millionaire or is already wealthy or talk about his lucrative initial contract with the New Orleans Saints.

The former USC star also wants any talk of his NCAA scandal — or mention that he or his family received gifts in violation of NCAA policies — to be excluded.

The trial was scheduled for June, but it was taken off the calendar and has yet to be rescheduled.

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