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Reese Witherspoon Discusses George Floyd’s Death With 7-Year-Old Son

Gettyimages | Jerod Harris
By Mike Walters

Reese Witherspoon is revealing the tough conversation she had with her 7-year-old son about George Floyd's death -- and is asking her fans not to ignore the subject just because it makes them uncomfortable.

In a lengthy Instagram post, the Oscar-winning actress explained the discussion she had with her young son about information surrounding George Floyd's death.

The actress posted a photo with the message, "Don't Ignore Something Because It Makes You Uncomfortable," and asked her 22 Million followers to read her message about the death.

See Reese's Statement...

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Reese Witherspoon On Explaining Racism And Bigotry To Her Son


"Last night at dinner, my 7-year-old asked why all the grown-ups were so upset. We spoke to him about what happened to George Floyd. Being a white mother trying to explain racism and bigotry to her white son, who did not understand why anyone would treat another human being that way, was heartbreaking," she began.

The actress pointed out, the situation is not nearly as "heartbreaking as being a victim of one of these senseless, violent, unconscionable crimes. Not nearly as heartbreaking as being one of the families who have experienced loss and harassment and discrimination daily. Not nearly as heartbreaking as being a mother who lives in fear of what will happen to her children in this world."

Reese Witherspoon: 'We All Breathe The Same Air"


Reese Witherspoon explained her childhood around religion taught her about equality, but realizes at this point, people need to be held accountable for their actions in this country.

"I grew up going to church. We were taught that we were all the same in the eyes of God. We all breathe the same air. We all bleed the same blood. But that is not what I grew up seeing. It was as hard for me to reconcile the difference between what I was taught in church and what I see in the world. I don’t want that for my kids. Or for yours. We have to be held accountable for what is happening in this country."

'George Floyd's Death Cannot Go Without Justice'

Ben Crump

To be clear about her message, Witherspoon wrote, " What happened to George Floyd and Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery - and countless others - can not go without justice. Please talk to your children about racism, privilege, bigotry, and hate. If you aren’t talking to them, someone else is."

Interestingly, she asked people to censor their comments to leave out the hate, saying, "Regarding comments: I urge you to share this space for meaningful discussion, not hate. There is enough hate in the world. I hope this can be a space for discussion, understanding, growth and LOVE. We all need more of that."

Celebrities Respond To Reese Witherspoon's Message

Gettyimages | Daniele Venturelli

Several celebrities commented on Reese's post including Lala Anthony, Octavia Spencer, Natalie Portman, and Halle Berry.

"Thank you Reese for using your platform to speak about this. The conversations I have to have with my 13 year old are scary and sad🙏🏽❤️," Lala posted.

Halle Berry responded, "Thank you for saying this. ♥️🙏🏽."

Eva Longoria reacted to Reese's Instagram post by saying, "Amén. 🙏🏻"

'SNL' star Kenon Thompson commented on the post saying, "Incredibly said @reesewitherspoon!!"

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