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1. Promoting Her Memoir

Demi Moore has been shaking things up while promoting her memoir Inside Out, and she and her daughters Rumer and Tallulah Willis stopped by Jada Pinkett Smith's Facebook Watch Show Red Table Talk to discuss Moore's struggles with addiction and her relationships with her daughters.

2. A Tragic Memory

In her book, Moore explained a time when she had a drug induced seizure.

"I inhaled some nitrous, I smoked a little spice, which is like manmade pot. It's not like I went wild and overdosed. I just had a weird reaction, a seizure, which is apparently not that uncommon when people do nitrous or 'whip-its,' the DIY version of the laughing gas you get at the dentist's office. ... I scared Rumer so badly when she saw me there, semiconscious on the floor; she thought I might die in front of her."

On Red Table Talk, Rumer shared her side of the story and the fear that she felt in the moment.

"I was there in the other room with 911 panicking because I’m like, either my mom is gonna die and I’m not gonna be in the room and I’m gonna feel the guilt of that for the rest of my life, or I’m gonna be there and see this image of my mom that I will never get out of my head. What will I do? Or I will have to call my sisters in the morning and tell them that my mom died and they are never gonna get to talk to her again."

3. Reconciliation

Moore's daughters explained that after the incident, they didn't speak to Moore for three years. According to Tallulah,

"I had no idea what was going on, she had been sober my entire childhood,” Tallulah added. “And then she drank and then I just knew that I was scared and that she was unsafe and there were many years of saying she was sober and she wasn't and we couldn't trust it. And all of the adults around us, in an effort to protect us, were protecting her. So if she wasn't sober, they would tell her she was."

Rumer and Tallulah went on to deal with their own addiction problems, but eventually reconciled with their mother and moved forward together to a healthier future.

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