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L.A. Based Red Sox Bar Preps for World Series Rush With Extra Beer & Corned Beef

By TheBlast Staff

As fans prepare for the Los Angeles Dodgers to take on the Boston Red Sox in the World Series, a bar in Los Angeles has become a safe haven for OG townies, as well as fans of Beantown.

Sonny McLeans Irish Pub in Santa Monica is the unofficial gathering point for all things Red Sox, and owner Grant Woods tells The Blast he's had extra supplies trucked in for the games.

Woods says he's secured 20 kegs of beer -- double his normal amount -- and hopes that it will last him through the first two games of the series, which kick off Tuesday at Fenway Park.

We're told along with the suds, Woods has made sure to carry plenty of Bostonian staples, including: corned beef, New England style lobster rolls and of course, fried clams.

There has also been extra security added to keep everyone in line when the party turns into a full on rippah.

By the way, we're told L.A. Dodgers fans are also welcome at Sonny McLeans, and Woods says he'll even include them in a free shot giveaway if/when the Sox win a game.

It's going to be wicked awesome!


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