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Rebecca Black Gets Emotional About How 'Friday' Affected Her Teen Years: 'I Just Wish I Could Go Back'

By Jeff Mazzeo

Viral internet sensation Rebecca Black opened up about how her song "Friday" almost ruined her life for the last nine years.

The now 22-year-old reflected on the damage and fall out the success of her hit on social media on Monday and said she would like to go back and give a message to her younger selves.

"9 years ago today a music video for a song called “friday” was uploaded to the internet," Rebecca explained. "above all things, i just wish i could go back and talk to my 13 year old self who was terribly ashamed of herself and afraid of the world. to my 15 year old self who felt like she had nobody to talk to about the depression she faced. to my 17 year old self who would get to school only to get food thrown at her and her friends."

Black detailed that the effects of "Friday" did not stop with school bullying but affected her as she tried to pursue a career in music.

"to my 19 year old self who had almost every producer/songwriter tell me they’d never work with me. hell, to myself a few days ago who felt disgusting when she looked in the mirror!"

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Turning Over A New Leaf


While her message was filled with bad memories and pain, she ended her length statement by saying that refuses to let the video define her life.

"i’m trying to remind myself more and more that every day is a new opportunity to shift your reality and lift your spirit. you are not defined by any one choice or thing. time heals and nothing is finite. it’s a process that’s never too late to begin. and so, here we go! this might be a weird thing to post but the honesty feels good if nothing else. 🤍"

Major Support From Her Fans


The response online was overwhelmingly positive and many fans sent her love and support in the comments section of her post.

"Sending love!!!! No one should ever be bullied for pursuing their passion no matter which stage of life you’re in. Keep moving forward!" one fan wrote while another said, "Absolute Icon. You inspired me back then and continue to inspire me now!"

There is always at least one bad apple but she did not let it ruin the bunch.

"Soooo much plastic surgery lmao," one rude fan commented but Rebecca quickly replied to put them in their place. "not a blip babyyyyyy lol just puberty!" Black declared.

In Disbelief That People On The Internet Can Be Nice


After her emotional outpouring on the anniversary of her music video, she shared a selfie to her Instagram story and thanked all of the people who reached out to her.

"can't even begin to express how grateful i am for all of you who have commented such nice and kind things here and on twitter. had no idea this would all happen today but i just can't stop crying (((happy tears))). could have never imagined the internet being so loving and kind. not really thinking in big words right now but i will be hopefully more coherent and less weepy tomorrow. i am so so grateful. "

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