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Future’s Baby Mama Eliza Reign Says Rapper Hasn’t Paid A Dime In Child Support

By Ryan Naumann

Future’s baby mama Eliza Reign is trashing the rapper for allegedly providing zero financial support for their 1-year-old daughter.

Recently, Eliza decided to address the reports she asked for $53,000 a month in child support from Future. She wrote, “I said I wasn’t gone speak on the 53k situation, but this has gone long enough...”

She continued, “In a child support cast, both parents have to submit financial paperwork to determine a fair amount of support. I submitted mine day one. But guess what happens if the other party doesn’t? They do a general assumption of income."

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Eliza added, “The state has guidelines. According to what’s reported to Forbes. If true. the state of Florida guideline suggests 53k until the defendant objects or proves their inability to afford it or not. It’s no beef with my BD. I think he should willingly do better. But I been let that drama go. My baby is healthy and obviously well taken care of regardless. Which is why I tried to chill on even discussing this. God has been blessing me forreal!”


"But y’all really misinformed and it’s at my expense. I personally asked for a much more reasonable amount even before courts got involved. Which I could prove that in one receipt. Things were cordial and cool. Then I was ghosted again a couple weeks before delivery. And even in court, I actually asked for less but there’s still no solid financials submitted, which is why temp child support was granted while we sort this out. Which I also want to say I’m grateful for that $3,200 yall trying to drag me over."

"If I ever receive it, because it’s a start and much more than the $0 I received in the past almost 17 months of Reign’s life.”

The legal battle continues.

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