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DaBaby Trashed By Concert Promoter in $100,000 Court Battle Over Alleged Assault

By Ryan Naumann

DaBaby is being ripped by a concert promoter accusing him of beating down a fan and bailing on a scheduled concert.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, concert promoter Nothing to Something ENTertainment is moving to dismiss DaBaby’s lawsuit against them.

Earlier this year, Nothing to Something ENTertainment sued DaBaby (real name: Jonathan Kirk) for $100,000 in damages. They claim he skipped out on a scheduled show after getting into a fight with a fan. DaBaby counter-sued accusing the promoter of failing to provide adequate security.

In newly filed court docs, the concert promoter is demanding DaBaby’s countersuit be tossed.

The promoter says had no ability to control DaBaby or his personal security team. They say it was the rapper and his entourage that were “provided with the opportunity to avoid the altercation and beat Mr. Saladin until be begged them to stop.”

Nothing to Something says DaBaby never entered the venue to actually receive any security from them and “was actually with a security team of three as he approached the venue.”

“Furthermore, a promoter cannot provide security if they are not informed of the artist arrival. Kirk fails to plead that NTS was on notice of his arrival at the venue. Typically artists do not use the front door of venues. They enter back doors to dressing rooms or private areas to avoid interaction with fans in an uncontrolled environment. Kirk was not going to enter the stage from the same area in which the fans are located, as performers enter from the back of the stage.”

They are demanding DaBaby’s lawsuit be dismissed.

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Back in July, Nothing to Something ENTertainment, sued DaBaby (real name: Jonathan Kirk) accusing him of screwing them out of money by bailing on a scheduled show.

The suit claimed DaBaby entered into a contract to perform at Centro Night Club in Lawrence, MA on May 17, 2019.

The promoter spent $33,000 in promotion expenses and paying the rapper.

DaBaby showed up to the club on the night of his scheduled performance. The promoter paid him his back-end payment “as it was believed he would perform at Centro that evening.”

The promoter claims before the show a fan approached DaBaby. They claim the fan was not confrontational and requested a photo with the rapper.

They said “Without provocation, Kirk’s teams struck the fan causing a tremendous disturbance and injuries. The videotape of the events indicate that Kirk and his security team initiated the physical confrontation/altercation with the fan.”

After the altercation, DaBaby and his team left the venue without performing the show.

The suit explained, “As a result of the actions of Kirk and his security team, the performance did not occur and refunds has to be issued to many of the customers. The event was shutdown. Kirk and his security team conducted themselves in a reckless manner which hindered the business of NTS. Kirk, his associates and security team lacked proper training and handled the dispute in a negligent manner.”

Nothing to Something ENTertainment sued for breach of contract and negligence. They claimed to be out in excess of $100,000 in expenses, lost income, returns actual damages and consequential damages. The promoter said they demanded DaBaby pay back the money but he has refused.

They claim his “actions of orchestrating the willful tort of assault caused mayhem and disturbance at Centro. When Kirk and his entourage were requested to return the funds paid to him at Centro by NTS, Kirk refused to return the funds and left Centro. Centro and his management stated to NTS that this “happens all the time” and indicated that NTS will not be reimbursed.”


DaBaby recently fired back demanding the lawsuit be dismissed. He denied all allegations of wrongdoing. He then hit the promoter with a counter-suit accusing them of breach of contract.

He said the contract had a provision that required the promoter to hire 2 security guards at the venue.

DaBaby says the promoter did not provide the security at the show. He says when he arrived the fan was able to approach him and “instigated a physical altercation.”

“NTS’s failure to provide the security, that would have stopped Saladin and/or protected Kirk, caused Saladin to have access to Kirk and his team.”

The rapper accuses them of failing to obtain insurance for his show. He is seeking unspecified damages from the promoter.

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