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XXXtentacion's Murder Suspect Wants To Grill The Man Who Shot Video of Late Rapper Dead in His Car

By Ryan Naumann

One of the men accused of having a role in XXXtentacion’s murder is seeking permission to grill the man who shot video of the rapper after he was shot.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Michael Boatwright informed the court he is set to depose a man named Scott Barbieux. The deposition will go down in September and the testimony will be used for his defense.

Barbieux is allegedly the man who recorded video of XXXtentacion laying dead in his car before emergency responders had arrived. He would later post the video on social media where it went viral.

Boatwright clearly has questions about the video that was shot, and the moments following the murder.

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The Blast

Boatwright is preparing for his upcoming trial where he is facing murder charges. He is allegedly one of the two armed suspects who confronted XXXTentacion outside Riva Motorsports on June 18, 2018.

He has been attempting to build a defense while behind bars for over a year. He recently accused prosecutors of not turning over all the evidence in the case, saying his defense was being hampered.

The Blast

He explained that prosecutors did originally hand over 20 CDs containing a number of documents and items of evidence, however, his lawyer reviewed the police reports and they indicate officers collected more than what was handed over.

Boatwright said police took statements from XXX’s mother Cleopatra Bernard and his baby mama Jenesis Sanchez, along with several other people. He demanded they turn over all those sworn statements from each witness.

The motion to compel also sought prosecutors to turn over all photographs they have for evidence and body cam videos.

The criminal case is ongoing.

The Blast

XXXtentacion’s mother, Cleopatra Bernard, has been dealing with other issues in court relating to her late son’s estate. She was hit with a $10,000 bill by the hospital where her son was prounced dead and she’s been battling her son’s former friend/music producer James H. Duval (aka Jimmy Duval) and Stache Records over $1 million they claim to be owed.

The claim stated they were owed money that was due now for "royalties, contribution, breach of contract/copyright infringement regarding the production marketing and distribution" of the song "Look at Me," which Duval claims to have written.

The probate case was opened following the rapper's murder and the estate is run by his mother, who he appointed in the will he drafted before his death.

A Florida judge also recently granted a petition filed by XXX’s baby mama, Jenesis Sanchez, allowing her to obtain a sample of his DNA from the medical examiner, to help establish paternity.

The court shut down Bernard in her attempt to block Sanchez from getting the sample.

XXXTentacion’s father Dwayne Onfroy also recently showed up to court as part of his son’s estate proceedings, seeking to be included in decisions about his music, business, and money.

Dwayne only filed documents notifying the court he will be making an appearance and wants to be notified of all future proceedings. He has not given a full explanation of why he is only now showing up to court wanting to be included.

XXXTentacion was murdered on June 18, 2018. Four men were arrested and charged for their role in the murder and are awaiting trial.

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