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Boo -- It's the Browns

Giphy | Discovery

Bear and Rain Brown like to have a little fun for Halloween, just like the rest of us.

The two dressed up as The Joker and Glinda the Good Witch for this spooky holiday, and fans were pleased with the results.

Rain and Bear Team Up For an Epic Battle

Rain Brown posted the picture on her Instagram page, writing:

"Happy Halloween everybody! We never do anything traditional so naturally I had three different costumes this year, but hey, it’s Halloween, hope everyone’s had a safe fun night full of candy. God bless 🧡#staystrong #stayhappy #alaskanbushstylebutinwashington @bearbrownthekingofextreme" Bear looks especially excited to be playing the deranged Joker, while Rain just seems happy to take part.

"Good versus Evil! Who won!?!?" wrote o9r0a7.

Rain As Glinda Is Heavenly


Glinda the Good Witch is of course from the classic The Wizard Of Oz. She's the one who helps Dorothy find the yellow brick road to get back to her home in Kansas, so she's a hero.

"Happy Halloween Rainy ❤️❤️ you look gorgeous," said dianedancemum.

Bear As the Joker? Sounds About Right

Giphy | Discovery

As for Bear's costume as The Joker -- well, what can you say about Bear? He's all kinds of weird. Rain Brown even calls him "The King of Extreme" in her post, if that helps people who don't know much about him. His strangeness is also probably why people love him.

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