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Rage Against the Machine Drummer Bradley Wilk Denies Ex’s Claim He Had Affair With Juliette Lewis

By TheBlast Staff

Rage Against the Machine drummer Bradley Wilk is firing back at his estranged wife’s demand for $48,000 a month in support and any claims he had an affair with his current girlfriend, Juliette Lewis.

Bradley is responding to Selene Vigil-Wilk’s recent court filings in which she claimed he cheated on her with Lewis and that affair torpedoed their efforts to reconcile.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Bradley claims there was never a reconciliation and that he and Selene have been separated for six years. He claims they have not been intimate for some time and that issue was part of why they split in the first place.

He says her claims that they were intimate after their initial separation is a “blatant lie. In fact, our lack of physical intimacy was one of the major problems of our marriage. We were only intimate a handful of time [sic], if that, after our son Alex was born in 2008. I pleaded with [Selene] to attend counseling with me during our marriage so we could try and work on our intimacy issues, but she categorically refused."

In regard to his current girlfriend, Juliette Lewis, he denies having an affair with her while married. He says that claim is false and “at the time I began dating Ms. Lewis, we had been separated for years.”

As far as finances go, Bradley Wilk does not believe he should have to pay his ex anything in spousal support and claims he's already paid her over $4 million since they split.

The drummer details his struggles making money since Rage Against the Machine broke up. He says he has not earned as much money as he used to since the band split in 2000 and says that currently, his main source of income is royalties.

Bradley says, "I have no idea how much longer I will have a viable music career at this stage of my wife. I have continued to work with various bands since the time of our separation in an attempt to keep up with the cost of maintaining two households and to meet the financial needs of our children, but my income is nowhere near what I earned with [Rage Against the Machine]."

He claims to have lost $1.5 million after their marriage after he came up with an idea for a health drink using Stevia as a sweetener (he has type 1 diabetes). The business failed.

Bradley lists his average monthly income as $132k but is left with $68k after paying his expenses. He does note he has $1,092,600 in bank accounts, $1.2 million in stocks/bonds and $3.4 million in other property.

Therefore, he is asking for his ex to be shut down in her request for spousal support.

As far as child support, Bradley Wilk is willing to pay whatever the court orders, he just wants his most recent — and "substantially lower" — financial information to be used to calculate the payments.

The new battle started when Selene went back to court to reignite their divorce, which they had appeared to call off in 2013. She had originally filed for divorce from Bradley earlier that year.

They were married in 2005 and share two kids together. She sought primary physical custody and spousal support. There was no activity in the case until recently when Selene filed new documents in the case. In her docs, she sought for Bradley to pay her $30,124 per month in temporary spousal support, and $17,772 per month in temporary child support until the divorce is final.

She also took the chance to trash Bradley Wilk, claiming they split the first time after she found he told her he got a woman who worked at a Vegas strip club pregnant. Selene believed things were working out until he out the blue told her he wanted a divorce in December 2015. She said right after he went on tour with Juliette Lewis’ band. (he has been dating Lewis since 2016 and they continue to perform together).

She wrote, “He left and they went on tour for several months with her and the band. I later discovered that he was having an affair with her … In late 2016, Brad returned to Los Angeles and informed me that he wanted to set up a mediation. He said that he was moving in with Juliette Lewis.”

The case is ongoing.

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