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R. Kelly Suffers Huge Setback In Criminal Case, Judge Won't Reveal Alleged Victims Names To Disgraced Singer

By Ryan Naumann

R. Kelly suffered a major loss in court with a judge shutting down his request to know the identity of two of his alleged victims.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, a Federal judge denied Kelly’s motion seeking to know the names of two women listed as “Jane Doe” in the criminal indictment.The judge found prosecutors presented enough evidence against disclosing the names to Kelly. The court order stated, “Courts routinely deny requests for victims' identities in racketeering cases, especially when the government demonstrates a risk to witness safety, the potential for witness intimidation or subornation of perjury.”

The court said prosecutors had provided a “history of obstruction, intimidation and witness tampering, his attempts to continue while incarcerated, and the nature and scope of the charged crimes.”

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The judge wasn’t impressed with “his efforts to intimidate witnesses and victims in this case, including by sending a threatening letter to Jane Doe #6 and directing potential witnesses to “pick a side” – with him or against him.” As a result, the judge ordered the names of Jane Does #2 and #3 will remain unknown to Kelly.

Recently, Kelly argued he needed to know the names of the women to build his defense. His lawyers tried to claim the singer was harmless and wouldn’t do anything bad with the names.

The Blast

His lawyer wrote, “At the time of his arrest Mr. Kelly was living in a small condominium, working with his longtime producer, without other employees of note, and effectively without any income. He had no “enterprise” as the government likes to call his career and his business, RSK Enterprises.”

Prosecutors fired back accusing Kelly of violating jail rules by passing messages secretly with others. Prosecutors accused Kelly of avoiding having his phone calls monitored by using a jail official’s cell phone. “These incidents demonstrate that the defendant has sought out, and likely will continue to seek out, clandestine means of communication. It also demonstrates that the defendant has, at his disposal, individuals willing to assist him in bypassing the traditional methods used to monitor the defendant’s communications while incarcerated. In these circumstances, the defendant’s attempt to paint himself as being completely isolated from the outside world and unable to communicate without monitoring such that obstructive conduct would be impossible is simply not credible.”

Kelly's ex-girlfriend, Azriel Clary, has been living her best life amid the legal drama.

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