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R. Kelly Stood Behind His Girlfriends During Gayle King Interview, Tried to Stop Questioning

By TheBlast Staff

R. Kelly made sure his girlfriends knew he was listening to them answer questions about their relationship during their sit-down interview with Gayle King, and stood behind them the whole time.

King revealed that the singer and his team had promised Kelly would not be in the room while she questioned 21-year-old Azriel Clary and 23-year-old Joycelyn Savage.

She said that once she started the interview, Kelly was standing behind the girls around the corner and even would "cough very loudly." King said she believed this was to make sure the girls were aware he was there.

King also said that Kelly even tried to stop the interview multiple times.

Savage's family released a statement after the interview aired, questioning Kelly's presence in the room and denying they ever received money from R. Kelly.

“At no point was money given to the Savage Family, discussed with the Savage Family, requested by the Savage family or offered to the Savage family," the statement said.

The family challenged R. Kelly to prove the claim, declaring, “In fact, we’ve asked Mr. Kelly several times to produce receipts of such transaction.”

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