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R. Kelly Nearly STABBED With A Writing Pen & Was 'Stomped' In The Head During Prison Beatdown!

By Mike Walters

Singer R. Kelly claims he was nearly stabbed with an ink pen and repeatedly stomped in the head after an inmate attacked him in a cell while behind bars.

According to new legal documents, filed by Kellly's legal team, he alleges while sleeping in his cell at the Metropolitan Correctional Center on Wednesday, a "violent" inmate crept in and started "stomping on [Kelly's] head, repeatedly."

Kelly's revealed the information in a motion asking the court to release him on bail while fighting sexual misconduct charges.

As you know, Kelly has been arguing to be released for several months, while awaiting trial.

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Inmate Who Allegedly Attacked R. Kelly Had 'F--k The Feds' Tattooed On His Face!


In the filing, obtained by PageSix, Kelly's attorney says the other prisoner was armed and had "an ink pen with him that he was going to use to stab Mr. Kelly."

But, luckily, he says other inmates were able to grab him and subdue him before he could carry out the stabbing.

Shockingly, the filing reveals the alleged perpetrator actually has 'F--k The Feds' tattooed on his face!

“This is an inmate that never should have been anywhere near Mr. Kelly, an individual who is charged with the most violent of crimes, and one who plainly has no respect for the rules, he has the phrase ‘Fu** The Feds’ tattooed on his face,” R. Kelly's lawyer states in the filing.

R.Kelly Claims His Head Was 'Stomped' & Is Asking To Be Released On Bail


R. Kelly "mostly remains in his ensure his own safety," says his legal team, but now officials at the prison have placed him in solitary confinement following the attack to make sure he is protected.

As we reported, the inmate was upset over recent lockdowns in the prison, allegedly caused by pro-R.Kelly protests taking place outside the prison.

“To-date, there have been at least a half-dozen of these displays of support outside of the MCC, always peaceful,” the singer's lawyer said in the filing.

He continued, “These unnecessary institutional lockdowns have needlessly promoted animosity towards Mr. Kelly. Notably, the institution does not go into lockdown during other, violent, downtown protests or during citywide looting.”

R. Kelly's lawyer is asking that he be allowed to live in an apartment with his girlfriend close the courthouse with electronic monitoring.

A judge has not ruled on the request.

Singer Claims Prison Conditions Are 'Medieval' & 'Archaic'


This isn't the first time R. Kelly has complained about the conditions behind bars.

According to court documents, obtained by The Blast, Kelly complained about prosecutors wanting to push back the date of this trial due to COVID-19.

The singer says he doesn’t care about their reasoning, and his lawyer writes, “frankly, that is not Mr. Kelly’s fault and that should not be Mr. Kelly’s problem, and Mr. Kelly should not be the one who has to suffer, remaining in archaic jail conditions that are medieval so that the Government can more conveniently prosecute its case.”

As you know, Kelly is accused of abusing young women and has repeatedly complained about the conditions inside the prison. So far, his continued attempts to be released have been unsuccessful.

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