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R. Kelly Goes Radio Silent on Girlfriend's Family After Promising Meeting

By TheBlast Staff

R. Kelly promised he would reunite one of his girlfriends with her family after multiple requests for meetings, but after agreeing to a face to face, the singer appears to be backing out.

Sources close to the family of Joycelyn Savage tell The Blast their attorney, Gerald Griggs, had been contacted by Kelly's publicist, Darryll Johnson after the Gayle King interview aired.

We're told Johnson promised to arrange a meeting between Joycelyn and her parents, but there were no specifics worked out, and it was a very "bare bones" conversation.

Johnson then hurried off the phone and said he would call back to shore up the details. Gerald Griggs tells The Blast Johnson never called back, and has now gone completely silent.

We're told there was never an agreement in place for the meeting, and the Savages suspect Kelly's publicist just made the gesture to get media attention.

The Savages have spoken with Joycelyn on the phone, but they are under the impression Kelly was controlling that conversation.

Even though they didn't get their meeting with their daughter, the Savages have been plenty busy lately, especially after taking a meeting with federal investigators.

As we reported, the Savage family was one of many interviews conducted last week by Homeland Security Investigations as they work to build a case against Kelly for alleged child sex trafficking.

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