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R. Kelly Prosecutors Have Had It With Disgraced Singer Trying To Get Out Of Prison

By Ryan Naumann

The prosecutors taking on R. Kelly want the singer to stay locked up despite his claims he fears for his life.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, the government is asking the court to shut down Kelly’s new attempt to get out of prison. They say Kelly is safe while locked up amid the health crisis.

The prosecutors fired shots writing, “While the government recognizes the seriousness of COVID-19 and the increased risk to certain federal prisoners, a generalized risk alone does not justify releasing the entire BOP population, much less a prisoner being held for racketeering charges involving crimes against specified victims and with a history of obstructing justice and violating his bail conditions by committing serious crimes.” They are asking the court to keep Kelly in prison until trial.

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The Blast

Earlier this week, Kelly asked the court, once again, to be released on bond. He claims the health risks have increased at MCC Chicago. The alleged child sex predator fears for his life after 6 inmates have tested positive and another 7 staff members. He says the experience is causing him extreme stress and anxiety.

In his motion, Kelly repeated his previous claims he isn’t a flight risk or a danger to the community. His lawyer wrote, “Mr. Kelly would be residing virtually within the sight line of the federal courthouse in Chicago. He could be on 24/7 electronic monitoring/home confinement.”


Kelly claims he is too broke to afford an escape and couldn’t because he is too famous. His lawyer added, “There are no flights for him; he is afraid to fly; and he has no passport or other identification to go anywhere.”

The singer says his entire professional career depends on “his exoneration from the current charges pending against him. His stated desire is to plan, prepare, and go to trial; to conclude with these court matters with a full acquittal; and continue to make music to the delight of millions of his fans.”

As The Blast first reported, Kelly has been shut down numerous times in his attempt to be released from prison.

He previously offered to be under house arrest, not be around young girls and promised not to flee the county. He recently argued the health crisis made it dangerous for him to be locked up right now.

Kelly cried about not being able to see his lawyers or have his girlfriend Joycelyn Savage visit him. He claimed he couldn’t build his defense without having more time with his lawyers.

The disgraced singer proposed to move into an apartment with Joycelyn. The apartment complex was in the middle of an outdoor mall, which might be a problem given the allegations he is facing.

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