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R. Kelly Asks For Release From Prison Due To Coronavirus, Says He Has To BUY His Own Soap!!

By Mike Walters

R. Kelly is asking a judge to release him from prison because the disgraced singer says he is at high risk to contract the Coronavirus, and it's so bad, they have to BUY their own anti-bacterial soap.

According to legal documents, obtained by The Blast, R. Kelly's attorney is asking the judge in his child sexual assault case to release him on bond because his life is literally on the line.

"From Mr. Kelly’s perspective his life—not only his liberty—is on the line, creating a powerful incentive to abide by any release conditions the Court may impose and changing the calculus that initially led to the denial of bail in this case," the request says.

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R. Kelly Promises Not To Leave His Home If Released...

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He continues, "He would be foolish to leave his home. Indeed, there is an order that requires people to stay in their homes. Electronic monitoring could ensure that he stays in his home. Critically, during this temporary release, Mr. Kelly could be supported and monitored by Pretrial Services."

In the filing, Kelly's lawyer suggests that R. Kelly would be dumb to ever leave the house if he is granted the release because he would just put himself in a position to get the virus. Plus, the lawyer points out the city is under quarantine anyway, saying, "Mr. Kelly poses a lower risk of violating supervision, particularly during a global pandemic during which even leaving the house will endanger their lives."

Says He Will Live With His Girlfriend, Joycelyn Savage, Under House Arrest

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R. Kelly's lawyer explains, in the filing, if he is released he will live in Chicago with his girlfriend. "Mr. Kelly were to be released, he would live at “the Roosevelt Collection Lofts”, a large apartment complex just west of Clark Street on Roosevelt Road. He would reside with Joycelyn Savage. He would submit to any conditions that this court saw fit, including home incarceration," the doc states.

In the documents, R. Kelly's legal team described the terrible environment inside the facility where he is currently locked up -- specifically how prisons of this type are ripe of the massive spread of COVID-19.

R. Kelly: Prison Is A Ticking Time Bomb For Coronavirus Deaths

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"Robert Kelly, a pretrial defendant currently detained at the Chicago MCC, is within the group of people the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”) has categorized as most-at-risk for contracting COVID-19, a dangerous illness spreading rapidly across the world. Those now detained cannot be protected from the coming jail epidemic, and if infected will without question suffer from inferior health care," his lawyer explained.

He continued, "For health reasons people are supposed to remain at a “social distance” which the experts have defined as at least six feet. They are supposed to avoid interaction. These are the basic steps to try and not become infected. These basic steps are simply impossible in a jail setting...And make no mistake about it, this is a deadly disease. They are predicting that millions could die, in this country alone. Requiring people to reside in a custodial jail setting is tantamount to making them drink poison.

Singer Claims They Have To BUY Their Own Antibacterial Soap

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One huge issue for R. Kelly is that the facility only has hand sanitizer for staff and visitors, and in fact, having personal bottles is illegal.

"While the facility does have hand sanitizer available on the visiting floor, the single large bottle has a sign that says “STAFF ONLY” on it. The single dispenser next to the restroom appears to be non-alcohol-based sanitizer, as it is the same dispenser that was in place prior to the coronavirus outbreak, and detention facilities consider alcohol-based sanitizer to be contraband," his attorney claims in the request.

Lastly, the ability to get access to soap is a huge issue for the singer, claiming it is unclear if they will get access to "sufficient" quantities of FREE soap. He explains, "Per the public commissary list, inmates must buy bars of soap. Only those inmates who have money for commissary will be able to purchase antibacterial soap."

A judge has no ruled on R. Kelly's request to be released.

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