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R. Kelly Alleged Sex Slaves Hire Lawyer Who Represents Nigerian Brothers in Jussie Smollett Case

By Ryan Naumann

R. Kelly’s two girlfriends/alleged sex slaves have a new lawyer who has ties to the Jussie Smollett hoax case.

According to reports, attorney Gloria Schmidt has been brought on to represent Kelly’s girlfriends, Joycelyn Savage and Azriel Clary, to help with the aftermath of the singer’s new criminal cases.

Schmidt is famous for being the lawyer for the Nigerian brothers, Abel and Ola Osundairo, who were involved with the Jussie Smollett criminal case. The brothers avoided being charged with any crime connected to the alleged incident.

She was also behind Abel and Ola filing a civil lawsuit accusing Smollett's legal team of defamation.

Schmidt is still their attorney and that case is still ongoing.

The Blast

Kelly is set to be in court today for a hearing in his first federal criminal case, and Schmidt is expected to give a press conference following court with Savage and Clary.

The alleged sex slaves/girlfriends have been defiant despite their parents pleas for them to come home.

Kelly remains in custody after being indicted on charges of child sex crimes, including producing child pornography and conspiracy to defraud the U.S. government.

That separate indictment, filed in the Eastern District of New York, includes charges of racketeering, kidnapping, forced labor and the sexual exploitation of a child.

One of R. Kelly's attorneys, Raed Shalabi, previously told us the singer was hopeful about his day in court.

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Ever since Kelly was arrested, Joycelyn Savage and Azriel Clary's family have been trying to get a hold of their daughters.

The Savage family attorney, Gerald Griggs, told The Blast, "The Savage Family is currently in third party communication with Joycelyn Savage and would be open to speaking directly to her or a personal representative of Joycelyn Savage."

He added, "They have always wanted direct and consistent contact with their beloved daughter."

Joycelyn, who has been involved with Kelly for years, believes she is in a legitimate relationship with the hip-hop star and has constantly turned down face to face meetings with her parents.

However, we're told the Savage family is "ready to reunite" with their daughter and let "whatever happened in the past" to be over. They also have counselors on hand to help Joycelyn process the alleged trauma she's endured over the past years during her relationship with Kelly.

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