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R. Kelly's Ex-GF Azriel Clary Says Singer Beat Her With Nike Shoes, Forced Her To Have Sex Five Times A Day

By Ryan Naumann

R. Kelly’s ex-girlfriend Azriel Clary is accusing the alleged child sex predator of forcing her to have sex multiple times a day and beating her with his Nike Air Force One shoes.

23-year-old Azriel sat down for an interview with The Sun to talk in detail about her relationship with Kelly. The sit-down is the first time Azriel has spoken about the singer since leaving him in December. She was only 17 years old when she met Kelly and stayed with him for years.

Azriel believes Kelly has hundreds of victims in different states. She said, “Robert has his live-in girlfriends, he has girlfriends in every city. He has flings in every city.” She claims the reason they don’t come forward is alleged blackmail he gathers on them.

She accuses Kelly of forcing alleged victims to write letters saying they’ve been molested by their parents or their brothers. She told the outlet, “He even has people on film molesting their younger nieces or younger brothers.”

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In the interview, Azriel accuses Kelly of abusing her for years after originally meeting at his 2015 concert in Florida. She eventually moved in with him during her summer break from high school. At the time, Azriel was one of five different girlfriends. She claims he promised to marry her and launch kids with her.

Azriel says things quickly turned south with Kelly allegedly forcing her to have group sex with other men and women, up to five times a day. She says if the women didn’t follow his rules he would beat them. Azriel says Kelly would sometimes get the women to beat up other women.

She recalled a time when Kelly would beat her with his size 12 Nike Air Force One for hours while she was naked. Kelly reportedly found Azriel talking to one of her high school friends, which was against the rules.


Following the alleged beating, Azriel says Kelly had another woman bathe her in the tub while he watched. She said, “And he beat me all over, it felt like hours and I was covered in welts all the way from my neck down.”

She explained, “No one was ever vocal because whether you were vocal or not, he would still beat you. It was easier pleasing him then getting beat every other day...and everyone learned that very quickly."

Azriel hasn’t looked back since leaving the singer in December. She recently reunited with her family after years of being estranged.


R Kelly's lawyer Steve Greenberg released a statement about the allegations, "We are surprised to learn that Ms. Clary is now making these allegations. Restricted by the protective orders the prosecution requested, we are not able to litigate these matters in the press. However, the information provided is directly contrary to facts that have been brought forward by Ms. Clary in the past."

"The facts she is now reciting are directly contrary to her numerous other accounts, as well as - in certain instances - what we expect to be the documentary proof from sources not involved in any of the pending cases.

"In sum, Ms. Clary had a long-term consensual relationship with Mr. Kelly. It continued after he was arrested, when she was free to do as she wished. It is clear that she now seeks to benefit from their relationship. The allegations are not true. Still, Mr. Kelly bears only good will towards Ms. Clary."

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