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Quibi launched this week, and the numbers of people signing up was impressive.

According to Deadline, the short-form streaming service was launched by at least 300,000 users on its first day. For comparison, Disney+ launched 4 million times on its opening day, Nov. 12. It's available with a free, 90-day trial right now.

Quibi offers snack-sized content in the form of episodes that are 10 minutes or less in genres like reality TV, action, comedy, and suspense. It's different in that the majority of other streaming services include regular-sized content of 20 minutes or more. It's just a different way of storytelling.

Jeffrey Katzenberg is the founder of the short-form service, and said last June that Quibi would be spending about $470 million on its marketing campaign, and so far it seems to be working.

According to Deadline: "As of Tuesday morning, Quibi ranks as the No. 3 top free app on Apple’s App Store in the U.S. (following Zoom and TikTok)."

It's not getting entirely rave reviews - but nothing ever does.

"I hate #Quibi ads so much. No one cares about this useless Silicon Valley scam. I hope it fails and they realize there isn’t enough market for 5 billion different streaming services," said @iamnot_abot on Twitter.

"I know Quibi is going to fail cause my mom keeps asking me how to put it on the TV," said @livielu98.

Giphy | Quibi

@StrangePopcorn wrote that the amount of reality TV shows on Quibi was disappointing, saying, "My first impressions of #Quibi are not good. Mostly brain-sucking reality shows. A couple of intelligent looking options, but not many. There is a HUGE community of short film makers out there they need to tap into."

@StrangePopcorn pointed out that there were no science-fiction offerings on Quibi, at least from the search they conducted.

Gettyimages | filadendron

But the whole "you can't watch Quibi on TV" thing is starting to tick some people off, as Variety writes.

Quibi can only be viewed on a mobile device, and since people are now home all the time, the question some have is: why log off your home computer to then go over to your mobile device to watch something there?

It could be useful if your kids are using the household's only computer for schoolwork and you want to pop into the next room to check out Quibi's content on your phone. But many homes have more than one computer in the first place.


"Why, amid the stay-at-home COVID-19 crisis, is Quibi limiting itself only to the smallest screens in the house?" Variety asked.

Katzenberg says that going mobile-only is the right avenue for right now.

“Mobile video is the white space,” he said last year.

There's no way Quibi could have foreseen that we'd be living in the age of COVID by the time it launched, so it should be interesting to follow its progress while we battle the virus.

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