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Quibi's moment in the sun may be briefer than we think.

Quibi May Be Struggling Due To Bad Marketing

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By Emily Reily

Quibi, that short-form video streaming service that's only available on smartphones, isn't faring so well these days, and an analysis by IndieWire may help explain why.

Different factors may have worked against Quibi, such as its new format, or its marketing plan, or the fact that maybe the content just isn't very good.

But if you ask Jeffrey Katzenberg, Quibi's co-founder, it's all thanks to coronavirus.

“I attribute everything that has gone wrong to coronavirus. Everything. But we own it," Katzenberg told the "New York Times."

Quibi has a show called "Murder House Flip," about unusual home renovations.
Twitter / Quibi

Quibi was meant to be watched while you're waiting in line at the grocery store, or when you're stuck on a train and need a quick distraction. With the pandemic, though, everyone is now working from home, or ordering food to be delivered, and just generally not out that much. Quibi couldn't compete with those large-screen TVs and iPads that were so readily available while everyone was hunkered down at home.

A scene from Quibi's "Chrissy's Court."
Twitter / Quibi

Quibi CEO Meg Whitman explained how the timing fed into the format's struggles.

“The use case we really thought was the on-the-go mobile viewing from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. You’d leave the house and get a cup of coffee or watch Quibi while waiting at a doctor’s office.

Of course, we launched on April 6, when people weren’t on-the-go. Right at the start we had requests for TV viewing, so we responded right away and launched AirPlay on (May 26) and Chromecast will be coming in a couple of weeks.”

Quibi recently put out a statement about the murder of George Floyd.
Twitter / Quibi

Another piece of the puzzle is that people don't quite "get" Quibi yet, because it's nothing they've seen before. A streaming service that gives small bites of content is unusual, says Nitesh Patel, director of wireless media strategies at Strategy Analytics.

“Despite all the big names that have been involved with Quibi, like celebrities, shows, and directors that are contributing content to the platform, I still don’t know what Quibi actually means to people,” says Patel.

In response, Quibi has lengthened its trial period to three months to allow the concept of short-form content to sink in.

Giphy | Quibi

The streaming service's weak performance may also be attributed to the fact that there is so much out there for the taking, and they've only gotten a little piece of the pie.

Indiewire reports that in April, Netflix had about 182 million subscribers, while Disney Plus has more than 54 million. Quibi has clocked in at 1.3 million active users, but the number of paying users may be even less than that.

That's a big problem.

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