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Did Queen Elizabeth Cheat On Prince Philip?

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By Sarah Veldman

The leadership during Queen Elizabeth's reign has been nothing but stable and solid as a rock; that is why her subjects love her. She never waivers, never shows her true feelings, doesn't tweet about politics, and continues the traditions in her country that give people a feeling of stability and safety.

However, after watching a few seasons of The Crown, it's clear that The Queen has gone through much more behind the scenes than any of us could ever have imagined.

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Her Marriage Has Been Depicted On The Crown


The Crown has taken great pains to get every scene on the show as close to real life as possible. So, when audiences watched the marital problems between Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, they understandably took them as fact.

While it's impossible to know the details of every conversation between the couple, rumors that went around give us some insight into issues they faced between them in real life.

While many fans of the show don't doubt the validity of Prince Philip's cheating scandals, nobody expected The Queen herself to be shown possibly wanting to stray from her marriage.

Prince Philip's Cheating Scandals


One of the biggest scandals that rocked the royal marriage was shown throughout season 2 of The Crown.

In 1956, Prince Philip took a tour aboard the royal yacht Britannia, and if the show is correct, it was treated as some sort of Hangover style bachelor party with drinking, women, and debauchery.

Michael Parker, equerry and best friend to Prince Philip at the time created an almighty scandal when his wife Eileen filed for divorce and he was forced to resign. The drama brought so much heat on the royal couple's marriage that the palace was forced to deny any marital issues saying, “It is quite untrue that there is any rift between the Queen and the Duke.”

Who Is Lord Porchester?

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Lord Porchester was a horse racing manager, and one of the Queen's closest friends. They shared a love for the animals and traveled together to stud farms in France and the U.S. with the Queen affectionately calling him "Porchie."

Their friendship was depicted in season 2 of The Crown. Though they were never shown to be having an affair, the implication is there, especially Lord Porchester's love for the Queen. He is showed proposing to his future wife in a restaurant and her response is to question his relationship with Queen Elizabeth.

The Crown Has Been Criticized


The Crown has been criticized by historians for the implications of an affair between Queen Elizabeth and "Porchie."

British expert Kate Williams appeared on Sky News, angry at the shows fictional account of the friendship. She said, "I think that the Queen had a very close friendship with Lord Porchester but it was nothing more than a friendship. Perhaps in those days, it would be seen stranger for a man and a woman to be good friends than perhaps it is now."

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She continued, "I’ve seen the press pack and the press pack is saying that what it is about is that when she goes away with Lord Porchester it gives her an insight into the life she would have had if she hadn’t been Queen. Because she would have probably been a professional horse trainer, that’s probably what she would have gone into. So it gives her an insight into this different world that she would have had. And that’s what it says it’s about, not about the affair."

It seems nobody will ever really know the truth about the friendship except for the two people involved.

Stay tuned for the newest season of The Crown dropping on Netflix November 17.

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