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Queen Elizabeth Loves Her Corgis - Here's Why

Gettyimages | Lisa Sheridan
By Emily Reily

A Wide Assortment of Corgis

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Clearly, Queen Elizabeth II loves corgis. Since she ascended to the throne, she's had more than 30 of the Pembroke Welsh breed of the dog.

Dookie Was the First


The obsession started when she got her first corgi, named Dookie, as a child, when she was known as Princess Elizabeth.

A corgi named Jane was next, but sadly was hit by a car.

The Queen's love of corgis continued. When she was 18 in 1944, she received another corgi for her birthday, and named her Susan.

When she later married Prince Philip, Susan tagged along because the Queen couldn't bear to leave her behind.

A Different Kind of Dog House

Gettyimages | Bettmann

Since then, all of the Queen's subsequent corgis have come from Susan's lineage, and they all get special treatment, naturally.

These royal corgis eat their dinner on china plates, have beds in wicker baskets to avoid those pesky castle drafts, and get specially made biscuits for treats.

A Loving Queen Mother

Gettyimages | Julian Parker

The Queen, who by now has had 14 generations of Corgis, reportedly decided in 2015 not to have any more as pets because she doesn't want to leave any behind.

It's probably safe to say that Queen Elizabeth II is the most famous member of the royal family with a Corgi obsession.

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