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Time Lapse Shows How Olivia Colman Becomes Queen Elizabeth

Gettyimages | Kevin Winter
By Emily Reily

Behind the Scenes

Gettyimages | Mike Marsland

The third season of Netflix' "The Crown" was recently unleashed, along with a video that touches on how actress Olivia Colman transforms into Queen Elizabeth II.

Using makeup, clothing, and jewelry to make Colman look like the fearless British monarch is probably not an easy task, and actress and "Crown" co-star Helena Bonham Carter, who plays Princess Margaret as well as Princess Anne, starts off the video by saying just how marvelous it was to see Colman become that person.

Magical Moments

Kicking off the video, Bonham Carter says, "The first time I saw Olivia in her wig, it was magical. It was like 'Oh my god, the Queen is in the room.' "

Colman remarks that the Queen's outfits change often, practically scene by scene.

"They're all handmade and they're all beautiful," she adds.

Cate Hall is a hair and makeup designer for the show, and explains:

"For Olivia it feels like the most valuable thing is to have a lovely time in hair and make-up and then inhabit the Queen once the process is over."

The video includes a very quick look into at least one makeup session with Colman. Blink and you'll miss it.

They're Professionals

Colman added that the costume crew did everything they could to make sure she, and her outfits, looked as authentic as possible.

"There were a couple days of camera tests, but they were doing their thing and trying to figure out what colours look right under the lights and things, and then you realise you're in really good hands, these people know what they are doing."

There's An Aura Of the Queen


Before Colman embodied the role, Claire Foy played the younger Elizabeth, and she also recognized the gravity of playing the Queen.

Foy says her last turn as the reigning monarch was "surreal."

"It’s very difficult to prepare yourself for that moment. Ultimately what you end up feeling is just sort of confused and that you need to go home and have a lie-down, really."

Foy Misses Playing the Pivotal Role


But for Foy, it was more than just having the chance to play someone else.

"So much of this job was about the people making it, so that is what I will miss. I will miss the people.

I will miss all of the creative people who will go on creating this program, I will miss the actors, and I will just feel forever grateful and privileged that I got to play this part and be a part of this show. I really will. I will always be incredibly grateful for it."

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