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Little Known Facts About Priscilla Presley

By Carol Cassada

Priscilla Presley will always be remembered as Elvis Presley's ex-wife. The couple's love story was the talk of the media from the 1960s to the 1970s. Even though their marriage was short-lived, the two remained close for the sake of their daughter Lisa Marie. After Elvis' death in August 1977, Priscilla has remained in the spotlight. Between her film career and running Elvis' empire, Priscilla is a busy woman. Let's take a look at some facts about the woman who was married to the King of Rock n' Roll.

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She met Elvis when she was 14

Elvis and Priscilla's love story began in Germany. Elvis was stationed over there in the army and met Priscilla at a party. She was 14 at the time, and Elvis was 24. Her parents had misgivings over the relationship, but with their supervision, the couple continued dating. By 1963, Priscilla had moved to the United States and into Elvis' home at Graceland. On May 1, 1967, after nearly 8 years together, the couple finally married. Nine months later, Priscilla gave birth to their daughter Lisa Marie.

Priscilla has a son


As the daughter of Elvis and Priscilla, Lisa Marie Presley is a celebrity. But what some fans may not know is that Lisa Marie isn't Priscilla's only child. Priscilla also has a son named Navarone with her ex-boyfriend Marco Garibaldi. Navarone was born in March 1987 and like his half-sister, he's also a musician. Navarone is in a rock band called Them Guns, and they often perform in clubs around Los Angeles. Unlike his famous mom and sister, Navarone tends to lead a private life.

She's an actress

Aside from being a businesswoman, Priscilla is also an actress. Her first role came in the 1983 television movie Love Is Forever. Late that year, she would join the CBS primetime soap opera Dallas, where she played Bobby Ewing's former girlfriend. After leaving the show in 1988, she would go on to play one of her most famous roles as Leslie Nielsen's girlfriend in The Naked Gun movie trilogy. Priscilla's most recent role came when she made a cameo appearance in the Hallmark movie Wedding at Graceland.

She's a Scientologist


Joining other celebrities such as Tom Cruise and Kirstie Alley, Priscilla and her daughter Lisa Marie are Scientologists. The mother and daughter became involved in religion because of John Travolta. When Lisa Marie was a kid she had a crush on Travolta, and Priscilla arranged for the actor to make an appearance at her daughter's birthday party. After talking with Travolta about the religion, Priscilla and Lisa Marie decided to become Scientologists. Years earlier, Elvis had also thought about joining the Church of Scientology but later decided not to follow through with it.

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