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Prince Philip Unrecognizable in 'Worn and Tattered' Clothing: Mistaken for the Gardener

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By Clarissa Wilson

Prince Philip has been married to Queen Elizabeth II for more than 70 years now. Although the Prince was once considered a style icon, he was actually mistaken for The Royal Family gardener recently. Why did this happen and who mistook him for someone who works for The Royal Family? Who could possibly mistake the Prince for a gardener when he was once considered very stylish in his own right?

It was a former chef for The Royal Family who was mistaken. But, why did he make a mistake such as this one when it comes to the Prince, The Royal Family patriarch?

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The Royal Family's previous chef, Darren McGrady said that the Duke walked into the kitchen and was very unrecognizable to him. He thought he was the gardener.

He said, "[Philip] came into the kitchen and I thought he was the gardener. He was this old man in tatty old clothes, he had a jumper on with the arms hanging out at the elbows–all tattered and worn. I looked and thought, ‘Oh, it’s the gardener.’”

The former chef also said, "It was only after I looked closely that I saw it was Prince Philip.”

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What is so crazy about this whole mistaken identity is that, according to an expert of The Royal Family, Russel Myers, the Duke actually has been an avid gardener for many years now. Myers had this to say about the Prince:

“He is a gardener as well as a prince"

He also said, "He takes it with a pinch of salt, he quite enjoys it but it has been going on for as long as he has been married… He has even managed to grow some black truffles, some rare black truffles for the first time. He is the first person to do it in the U.K.”

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It seems Prince Philip was dressed this way because he was at home. He doesn't go around in public like that, of course.

Although the women get more attention for their choice of clothing, not the men, the Prince was once considered a style icon. He actually made the best-dressed list for Britain in the magazine, GQ many times.

In fact, according to Tailor Patrick Grant, the oldest member of The Royal Family has always favored a simple suit made from heavyweight British cloths: tough twills and twist worsted — never excessively fitted, and always well balanced.”

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The Duke of Edinburg has always been so well-dressed that he beat his grandson, Prince Harry in GQ Magazine's best-dressed list for Britain in 2016. The Duke ranked 12th best-dressed man while grandson, Prince Harry ranked in 38th place.

Most of the clothes Prince Philip wears are so timeless and classic. What is very interesting is that he has been seen many times in the same uniform he wore to his wedding in 1947. How awesome is that?

According to the man who has been making Prince Philip's clothes for many years had this to say about the Duke of Edinburg:

"He was a 31-inch waist when I first measured him, and he’s now only a 34. That’s incredible. I’ve never had to let out any of his clothes.”


Although he has always dressed nice, especially going out in public with the rest of the Royal's, these days he is retired from his royal duties. Because of this, the Duke dresses how he pleases. Maybe that is why he was mistaken for the gardener by The Royal Family's old chef seeing as how he can now dress as he wants to now. Maybe he was comfortable in those 'old worn and tattered' clothing, as the former chef said.

The Prince now lives at Wood Farm Cottage in Norfolk. It is located on the grounds of the family's Sandringham estate.

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